Training for orgasm train

Somedays are more calm than other days, and this has been a day like this. Today I started the day with sleeping a bit longer than usually. I stretched my body as I was thinking of standing up, but i wanted some orgasm before I did.
I spread my legs and my cuckold lay his head between them. I lay my head back and felt his tongue play with my clit. I train my self in having multiple orgasm in a row, and not stop between. I am lucky this way, I get easy orgasm and I can have more of them in a row. In different ways and different places. It takes a little practice to get orgasm like this, and to trust the one who gives it to you. 

My desire is a long orgasm train and not stop between the tops. I had small ones, not that they are intense enough, but what do they say? The devil always want more. Well I am the devil in this relationship and I am never satisfied for a long time, and always wanting more. 

But anyway, today I decided for ten orgasm and most of them in a row. 
I got my first orgasm pretty fast, my hands hold fast in the quilt and I stretched my legs and tighten my butt. This way I get the biggest orgasm, so by cuckolds fingers/ tongue and my own techniques my orgasm never fails. 
As my first Orgasm rushed through my body, I focus on the tingling pleasure and my own techniques one more orgasm came as soon as the first one started to calm down. Today I made four on a row, not satisfied with that my self... My plan was at least six in a row, maybe more. 
I need a new try tonight, let`s hope I manage more than four then. Even if i needed a breath and some water after four orgasm, I did not stop before I reached ten orgasm. My cuckold lay beside me His cock tried all it could to get big, the chastity was stretched as far as it could and his balls was all blue, the pre-cum was leaking out of his head.

After the tenth orgasm, I let my cuckold go to the bathroom to cool down his cock. He took ice cold water, washed the cage in the cold shower, and at the end his cock went down to its small sissy clit again. Once more his sissy clit gave up the try to get bigger, but my cuckold have not given up the believe that he soon will get an orgasm. I let him live in the faith as long as I want him too. 

Todays plan is to do a photo shoot, I am doing the clothing ready now as we speak, I Love the new outfit. I will show you some of the photos tomorrow. Cya then



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