Public self play, an idea from a bored Hotwife

Wow what a fun day in town, and my tension in the stomach was just as I expected it to be.
It is still winter, so when I was walking down the street in so little clothing, I really got attention.

As I was walking in my high heels, I let my hand wander around my tight, and sometimes under my skirt. I stopped at a bus stop and waited. I decided to take the first buss I saw, and take it to the next stop. The buss came and I went inside and got a seat. I sat down and spread my legs a bit, so the people walking on could se under my skirt if the saw my way. 
My hand took inside my skirt and I put my finger on my clit. I started to move the finger and I felt the tingling feeling I know so well. I lay my head down on the seat and moved my finger a bit faster. I let out a small breath and I took a quick look around, there was one man looking. As soon as my eyes meet his eyes he looked down, I did not look down. I took my head back again and my fingers worked slowly my pussy until I felt the shivering feeling in my tights. I bit my lip so that I should not make too much sound. 

As my orgasm came, I closed my eyes and let it rush through me. After a few seconds I opened my eyes again, took my finger away from my pussy, lifted my skirt nicely back on place. The next bus stop came and I went out. Now I needed to come back home. It was not far to walk but before I went back I walked into a diner to get something to drink. 

The diner was filled with some tables with man in suits, guess they had some kind of work break or something. They sat just by the toilet door, and I got an Idea. I am not a very silent lady in bed, and my orgasm gets more intense if I use some noice. The one on the buss had been quiet, and now I waned one with noice. I smiled shy when I passed the men, and I saw some of them saw me. I opened the door and went inside. I stood by the wall, and my fingers once more wandered up in my skirt. My pussy was wet and I forgot all about the men outside. I lay my head back and started to touch myself. I bit my lip and I started to moan, as my fingers played with my pussy lips. I pressed one finger inside my self as the thumb lay on my clit. I started to move my fingers and my moan was loader. My orgasm came fast and my breath was quick and my small moan was not that small at all. 

My orgasm was calming down and I remembered where I was again. I straiten my skirt again, opened the door and went outside. The table with the men went completely still as I walked passed them. I saw them follow me with their eyes. I grabbed my phone from my bag, dropped it on the floor, for then to bow down and pick it up. On purpose I bowed down with my ass towards them and when no panties, they could see pretty much if they wanted too. 

I smiled for my self, went outside and called my cuckold. Told him to fetch me on his way home, as he of course did. 

This was a fun day, and as I knew from before...When a Hotwife is bored.. a lot of things can happen.



  1. No one has the balls to go after you inside the toilet?????????


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