Small dick humiliations

So many people ask how to be a better lover, how to please a woman. Well I have many things I can list up, and even if our part of the game is that Bulls must have a larger cock than my cuckold, there is so much more in this game. 
And yes, you read right... This time, the cock size on the one I have sex with is an important part. My cuckold goes in chastity, the cock will become smaller but anyhow the size matter to humiliate my cuckold even more. If a bull is smaller than my cuckold, he is not the superior.

This is called the "small dick humiliation"and  I just love it. We wish for the cock to be over 20 centimetres in length and the black color is yet another humiliation. He can never give me over 20 centimetres and he can never give me a black one, no matter how much he tries to get a sun tan. 


Things I like to tell my cuckold, and love it when Bulls do it. example on things to say:

"You just stand there, you and your ridiculous little bump sticking out in front of you. Eugh, I am sick in my mouth just thinking about it."

"I want real men with big thick cocks who know what they are doing when it comes to sex and one who can satisfy me."

Things I can do is:

1: Spit on it. 
2: talk down to it. ( belittling)
3: slap it
4: take pictures and videos
5: laugh 
6: make joke of it, love to do this in public btw
7: step on it, or crunch it with my feet
8: bite
9: name it

You can also make some dick looser name, mine is sissyclit, but here you have some more examples:

- Maggot dick
- baby dick
- pinkie dikk
- little wee wee
- one inch wonder
- tiny little pecker

Humiliating measurement is also a fun thing to do. I let him measure it himself against ordinary household objects like:

- AAA batteries
- baby carrots
- his pinkie finger

I make him realise how ridiculous his sissyclit is and he needs to be punished for it.
I use my Mistress outfit when he needs his punishment, and he is naked or in sissy cloths.

When he goes in chastity, the normal small things as touch the cock, jerking off, his boners, and absolutely no control over his orgasms. His day of jerking off when he just feel for it is over, I am in control and that makes me smile. I wear the key a place he and everyone else can see it. I am proud of this trust, this power and I tell him how much I love to have the chastity key on me.


Somedays I let him out of the chastity cage, but only with my permission. This days I will use "jerk off instructions".
Some instructions can be:

1) Faster
2) Slower
3) Start/stop
4) Left hand
5) Right hand
6) Upstrokes only
7) Ask for orgasm
8) Use sissy voice
9) Moan as a girl

I am a superior Mistress that loves to keep my cuckold frustrated , desperate and happy. He knows exactly what I think of his small sissyclit, I never stop telling him it even if he does.



  1. Love your lifestyle! I love sluts myself. Every girl should live let loose their inner slut. Though I'm not into being humiliated myself. I love the way you treat your sissycuck.

    Just wondering, how long is it since his sissyclit actually penetrated your pussy?

    And what about kids? Do you have kids? If not, will the sissycuck be the father, or do you dream of being breed by your bic black bulls? Maybe a breeding gangbang?

    Love the fact that there's people not to far away from myself living this lifestyle!

  2. HotwifeNo,

    Exactly how I feel about my own pathetic nub. Its of no use to anyone really. The saddest part for me is, I'm actually half the size of your cucky. I'm 2in soft and 3.5 in erect......worthless.



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