My love, my relationship and my thoughts

As I sit here, answering and reading my mails I think of my love to my cuckold. So many people out there , fantasising about sex and kinky stuff, but do not dare to tell the partner. I am so lucky, I tell my cuckold everything. This morning I woke up, kissed him and told him I needed girl-sex soon. I am so curious about girls, I love to look at them and I really like to taste, be tasted and just play with my own gender.
I am talking to several girls and couples, but not sure I found the woman I want to loose my virginity too. I need a confident woman, who want to use me.
I can do this meeting with a man or two involved, or I can do my first meeting with only girl (girls).


I been sitting here, thinking of a way for people to talk to their wife/husband/girl, boyfriend and so on... My opinion is to be honest about that you need or desire something more in your sex-life. 
The love I feel for my cuckold is huge, it sometimes feel like it is to much for me. Still with these feelings for my one and only... I fuck other people, I have fantasies about other people. Fantasies about being tied up, used, and so on. I like to see my cuckold humiliated, 
I like my lovers, my Bulls to tell him he is not good enough for me in bed, that I need more. Still my cuckold is my man, he is my world and my true love. 
We walk this lifestyle together, we make our choice together and we play with our sexuality together. 

I will not replace him with anyone, not for the biggest dick I can find. 
I have it all, I have my love and I can live all my fantasies. Can a girl ask for more? :)

There is many people out there, not understanding my type of relationship or lifestyle. There is many relationship out there I do not understand. The hiding, the secrets, the untold fantasies that makes the infidelity. I do not have anything like that, I have never been afraid that cuckold do not tell me the truth and he knows I tell him everything.

So to all you out there, having secret desires... sit down, think it through, and start with a small fantasy to tell you partner. Check how this is taken and move even further or work on this first one a bit more, maybe over time, you will find a way together. 

Good luck:) 
Have a kinky Sunday all of you. I know I will, just sent my cuckold on the bathroom to make his ass ready for me tonight. I am gonna use his white sissy ass just as I like it. 



  1. You are right Maam. Honestly is Always the best policy. Along with communication . You and Your cuck are Very Lucky.


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