Pushy Mistress

I really have been a pushy little Mistress today. I felt in a devilish mood, and indeed my cuckold got to know that. I started already  yesterday when I made him sleep on the floor. And as the nice kind Mistress I am, I gave him a nice pink blanket and a small pillow. he thanked me and I lay down to sleep in my king size bed.

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My cuckold came and woke me up today, with a coffee and a toast. He was dressed in his maid outfit and ready to serve. I sat up and took the plate as I took and lifted his skirt. His chastity was all on place and I grabbed the cage and pulled, it was stuck.
"turn around" I told him as I put the plate down. I lifted the skirt again and inspected his ass. The ass shall always be ready and clean if I suddenly want to play with it, and it was spotless. 
I slapped his ass and told him to fetch my cloths and do the bathtub ready as I was going to eat. 

I stretched my body and lay it down into the hot water. Some calm music filled the room and made my cuckold sit on his knees on the bathroom-floor waiting for my needs. 
I started to touch myself as I lay down into the water and I could feel my horny body burning. I moaned and closed my eyes.
I told my cuckold to massage my feet as I got myself an orgasm. "eyes down" I told him. 
My fingers went in circular movements over my clit as my other finger opened my wet warm hole. 
Suddenly I wanted to feel a tongue agains me, and i grabbed my cuckolds head, pulled him down under in the water, making him lick and suck me.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

He drew his breath as his head went under and I felt the tongue on me. My climax came quickly and as my orgasm rushed through me, cuckold pulled his head up from the water and gasped for air.

I got up from the tub and my cuckold lay a warm dry towel around my shoulders.
I smiled to him and this was just my start on this day.
I tell you how the dinner played out tomorrow, now I make myself ready for some tied up stuff, and of course I will let you know how this played out as well. I sit here writing, and my cuckold runs around on the floor, on all four of course, fixing the play ground for me. finding ropes, dildos, vibrator egg and so on. His small sissy clit makes a nice metallic sound as it moves. One of the best sounds in the world, you agree :)?



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