The fun in edging game

I was thinking.... How many of you edge your partner? It is one of my favourite things to do. To have full control over my cuckolds orgasm, and se how he twist and turn where he is placed.
On new years eve I edged him 19 times... then he got an orgasm denial. Happy 2019 I told him. wonder how many years I can do this before he need a punishment for not making it.?

I take control and edge him when he is in chastity, he has a willing ass and I know how to use it. 


He get strong anal orgasm and he react a lot on his prostate massage. He can be allowed to come when I use his ass, if i allow it. But when it comes to his cock... not that often. I do milk him..It is not healthy for a guy not to empty his balls, but I am the one in charge and I decide how he can get an orgasm or an edging or a milking.

One of the first day I edged him over 10 times in a row, I looked him in the eyes on one of the edging . I told him to not close his eyes but keep they fixated on me. Then I asked him in middle of his edged climax, "how do you keep yourself from coming? how do you stop the orgasms?". He moaned the words out when he answered me. "I think of gateau" he told me."many many gateau...with a lot of candle-light  on. I ignite one by one light to try to focus at something else" he continued. He hates to eat gateau and every-time he gets one he looks  at me, knowing what I am thinking of, same as he does. 
So I get it.. he thinks of something he do not like and hopes to control his climax

One time I had edged him 8 times, then the 9th time I told him no when he asked for orgasm. I saw he closed his eyes and started to concentrate. I could imagine he ignite all those candles. 
I smiled and said " you can come, if you can come now" as I said it I blow air on his cock.
Cuckold blocked up his eyes wide open and I saw his mind and all those candles was lid again and all gateau was thrown away as the cum came out of his cock.
I took my hand and took the cum up, opened cuckolds mouth and told him "eat"
Who said he does not have to clean up after him self?...

If you do this edging game with you partner, feel free to share some experience with me on comment here on blog or on my mail. Love to hear from you.



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