Playing playstation Hotwifestyle

I think you all know that playstation is something all boys ( almost all boys/guys) like to do. Well sometimes it can be done Hotwife style too. 

Today my cuckold sat down after work, playing playstation. Sometime when he plays, he is so concentrated  that he almost do not see me. Today I wanted to change that. I asked if I could join him as I sometime does, and of course did he say yes... like he always does. I went to the kitchen, fetched me something to drink, put it on the table and went to the bathroom. There I took a quick shower and found my red lingerie, put it on and took n me cuckolds favourite  perfume.
I said I would like to try me against him on the game, and of course he said yes... He always win in playstation, I am not that good in that kind og tactics but I am good in other kind of tactics...
"lets make a deal" I said "The winner is having a 40 minutes long massage and one free wish for the evening" Cuckold would never say no to a chance to get free and to fuck me to his sperm runs out of me. And I had right.. he said yes.

I took on my my black high heeled shoes and walked into the room he sat playing in. 
I looked at me, and just seconds after the playstation told my cuckold he lost that round.
I smiled, sat down and took the control. As I sat there, I touched myself a bit, moaned and spreading my legs a bit. 


Cuckold was distracted, and I took advantage from it, and as I played I continued touching myself and moaning. I started to talk about my bulls and how I liked to be fucked and how it feels to be fucked in my ass. 
Just as I expected..I won first round. 
"You lay dirty" cuckold said smiling
"I am always dirty hunny" I answered him.

As we continued playing and I continued my dirty game beside, I become the winner.

I stretched my body after the final round, I collected my one wish. I told cuckold to use his tongue only and make me come as he fucked himself in the ass with the suction cup dildo.
Cuckold sat down on his knees, made the dildo enter his ass hole, moaned and started to move up and down the shaft. I saw the head of the dildo press itself into the hole and widen it up. I took my hand on the boobs and lay my hand on my pussy. I spread my legs and as cuckold fuck himself he started to lick and suck on my pussy. I bent my back towards him and made the climax feeling rush through  me. I was stopped before orgasm of course.. and after 5 edgings, I told him to give me a massage before I had plans to edge him e few more times.

To play dirty in playstation is the way to go, I recommend to try it out. You can ask for a lot of things as the winner this way.

give me a heads up on what you demanded as a price, I would love to hear about it.



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