Love my different orgasms

I have an exiting night in front of me, and as I stand in my walk in closet and look for the blindfold, I can feel I am looking forward for this.
There I found the black silk for my eyes. I go into the bathroom, take a shower and a scrub before I put on some sexy lingerie.

I sit on my knees on the floor, my cuckold takes the blindfold and lay it around my head. My eyes went black and I cant see a thing. I hear my cuckold in the room, and I know he finds some dildos and lubes for my bull. Tonight Bull is going to show my cuckold how to make me come in many different ways.


It has been quiet for some time now, and I take myself in listening for Bull and cuckold.
There I heard them at last. I straiten my back and shake my hands a bit. 
Bull got over to me, sat down in front of me and started to kiss me. As I sat there on my knees, Bull took his finger on my pussy and started to play with my clit. I felt I was horny and my pussy juice started to run down my thigh.
My breath started to go a bit faster and I felt the urge to split my legs even more, but I could not, I was stuck.
I moaned and my first orgasm rushed through my body and as I was shaking and moaning, Bull laid me down on my back. Before I was finished with the first orgasm, he put two fingers deep inside me, massaging my G-spot. I bent my back up towards his fingers and the orgasm on its way dow, got a new fire and went strait back up. I screamed out my pleasure and I could hardly lie still.

Bull kissed my breasts and cuckold got him a dildo, and before the second orgasm had cooled down Bull pushed the dildo inside me and at the same time cuckold held a small vibrating pen on my clit.


I did not use many seconds before I yet again was on my way to the climax. When one have gotten one orgasm, changes the location for the stimulation, a new orgasm can come very quickly for me.

I am that can of a Hotwife who can reach the climax many times in a row. I have 7 orgasm in a row, but I am planning even more of them. In one sex  sequence my highest number of orgasm is 26. 
26 orgasm in a few hours, I was so shaky I could hardly stand.
The tiered, warm feeling and the tingling feeling in my skin is fantastic.

We kept it going and I got my share of orgasms, but do not get me wrong... Bull got his climax too and my cuckold got his clean up.



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