Easter surprise

Happy easter to all of you, and hope you all got an easter egg from your darling. I got mine today and I just love it.
As I woke up today there was an easter flower in my bed, and an easter egg.

I stretched my body, and my cuckold came quickly towards me. He sat down and started to massage my feet as I opened my egg.
I can see there is some plans for me tonight, and I do not know what it is.

I looked at the stuff inside.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
Handcuffs, lube, binding rope, viamax sensitive gel, butt plug and a cream to make the cock less sensitive. 
Looking forward to see what happens tonight, my cuckold just smile when I ask him. He tells me he only done what a cuckold in love would do, and I truly deserve what comes. 

Looking forward to tell you about it tomorrow when I know more. 
As for me now, I need to get up from bed and get into the shower. need to get to the store before they closes today. Hmmm guess I have time for an orgasm before I go. I grab my cuckolds hand, remove it from my feet and place it on my crotch, make me come I say.

Cuckold get the viamax sensitive cream from the easter egg, place a drop on my clit and starts to move his finger. I moans and bend my back against his hand. I just love this warm tingling feeling, that is filling my body. I smile and close my eyes, just lay there and make the feeling from the climax rush through my body. I take my hand down to my cuckolds chastity cage, he is still looked in perfect. I grab the chastity hard as my orgasm rush through my body. I scream my pleasure and pull the chastity even harder, cuckold sits completely still with his body, but his fingers moves fast against my clit. 

I feel the orgasm is cooling down and I let the chastity down. Cuckold let out a quick breath, kiss me on my mouth and fetch me my belted see-through robe.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
I put my arms inside and feel the light fabric against my warm skin as I walk out of the bedroom. 

In the bathroom I see cuckold has fixed the scrub ready for me and a new heated blanket was ready on the bench for me. Cuckold turned on some music and I slowly took the robe of me, it fell down around my ankle. I walk into the water and the water drops from the shower landed on my naked warm body, I lay my head back and then I felt my cuckolds hands on my body, slowly applied the scrub.

Love this way to start the day, I guess this will be a good day. Wish for all you out there a happy easter Saturday, take care, be kinky and make a lot of sexy memories. Do not be afraid to share the contents of your easter egg with me. 



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