Dressingroom fun

Today I was shopping with one of my girls. We where looking for some new dressed for the summer. Inside the shop, with several dresses to try on, I got an idea. Why have a "normal" shopping when you can do it with a twist?
There was a lot of people here and I bent over to her and gave her a challenge.
She looked at me, first thoughtful then smiling. 
"Deal is on" she said

We found all the dresses we wanted to try out and went to the dressing room

We smiled to each other as we pulled the curtain in front of the room. 
I sat down, took off my shoes and started to removed my skirt and shirt. I lay my head back at the wall, closed my eyes and started to think of one of my meetings, where I sat on my knees, a blindfold was taken around my head and all went dark. Several bulls stood around me, I knew they was slowly jerking off as they looked at me. 

One of my hands started to move on my clit and the other one played with my pussy. I was already wet and I let out a small moan. No regard to where I was, or if anyone heard me. My fingers moved a bit faster and I continued thinking of the meeting.

I sat there, all ready and horny. My eyes was still closed and I could easily imagine the things in my mind.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

The bulls closing in on me, and they started to touch my body. I Hands was grabbing my boobs and I could feel the cock pressing into my mouth.
Hands playing with my pussy, and I could feel I was wet and ready. Fingers rotating on my clit, and I moaned again. The fingers moved faster and I felt the warmth in my pussy starting to spread all out over my body. I bit my lip and my legs started to shiver as I could feel the climax was getting closer.

A finger with my own pussy juice was pressed inside my mouth as my orgasm started to build up. Just as I jump out into the orgasm I opened my eyes.

There I sat, inside the dressing room with my own finger inside my mouth. My own taste was filling my mouth and my pussy slowly took its last contractions. I smiled, and stood up and took on me my skirt again, and went outside. My girl was not outside yet, but before I had the time to do anything she came smiling out from the room next to me.

"you won" she said, and continued with a small smile. "your moans almost made me win" she said. I had to laugh a bit, and we went back into the dressing rooms to try the dresses for real this time. And guys wonder why girls use more time in the shops than they do?...
Imagen next time if the guy sits, waiting and sometime in this waiting he just recived a pic from a dressing room... Well I know how I get my cuckold want to come shopping with me.

for all of you out there... give this game a try.. It is actually quite fun



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