Sensitive gel testing, with a big twist

I had been so excited to test this cream called Viamax, sensitive gel from Lille Frekke. I Recommend all of you to press the link to see the info and if you like you can also buy it for yourself. But go in and have a look, it had some very funny ”side kicks”.
I still have to smile when I write these words on what happened when we tested this product.

I lay down on the bed, ready for the testing. We had gotten help from one of my regular bulls to test this out. We looked and feels  the clit before we took the cream on. It was soft and was ”hiding” inside its little ”hole”. I reacted as usual and started fast to moan when I used my fingers on the clit. 

I continue to touch myself as cuckold started to make bull ready. He took his cock out of the pants and started to suck it slowly but deeply. Bull looked at me as cuckold sucked his dick faster and deeper. 

As I had been playing with the clit for a few minutes, I took the cream and open the tube.


The cream was more like a gel, and it feel cold and soft against my skin. I pressed out two small dots from the tube. I gently lubricated the gel outward, and just second after my clit turned harder. It came out from the ”hiding” ready to be used.
I let my finger play on with my clit and I closed my eyes to notice any difference in the feeling.
I do not feel any tingling or warming feeling. But somehow, the touch on the clit is ”nicer” I get another feeling when my clit is played with. It made my skin sensitive and my clit was much easier to find and to stimulate. I moaned and Bull came over and took his hand over mine, removed my fingers and started to touch me. I bent my back and lifted my crotch against his fingers, I can with security say the gel worked. As he played with my clit, he also used his fingers around on my pussy. Here the gel got another reaction, my pussy started to get a tingling feeling in the skin. It was a kind of cold sensation and my pussy in general got more sensitive. 


I pressed my crotch even more against his hand, he got between my legs, and he pressed his cock against my pussy. I felt he expanded my pussy hole, I moaned loudly and he pressed him self hard inside me. After a few shock inside me, his eyes widen as he looked me deeper into my eyes. He throw his head back and he got his first orgasm after under 2 minutes. He stopped moving and smiled, he was still stuff and hard. He once again started to move, his cum run out of me as he went in and out. 
The cream or the gel, got the cock even more sensitive too. He moaned and pressed his cock harder and harder. And against all expectations, he once more reached his climax. 

Even if my cuckold had worked on him while I was greasing on the gel, made the cum fill my cuckolds face. Bull filled me with cum for the second time in 4 minutes.... How in the world is that possible I asked him. He shared his head and said, that gel is not for guys who has problem with early release. 

The testing ended with much increase in my clits sensitivity, a tingling increased sensitivity in my pussy and a huge sensitivity increase on my bulls dick.

Independent from what the info of the product is saying, what the net is writing, this cream was fun to test. This cream I will never be finished testing for my part... So my cuckold has his work cut out for him tonight. 



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