Steak dinner eaten in chain

My cuckold loves steak, and I love my cuckold in chain and all locked up. What is better than bring these two together? 
Cuckold took the steak and put it in the frying pan together with some vegetables.
As he walked around, making dinner I took a nice long hot shower. Then I got dressed in my sexy fish-hole cat suit, took on me my hight heeled shoes and walked out to the kitchen. 

Dinner was ready and I send cuckold to the toilet to wash his hands before we sat down. While he was away I put the steak on the plate, put on some vegetables and found a glass of wine. put the plate on the kitchen table and then I fetched a dog bowl for my cuckold. 
I nicely placed the steak in the bowl and arranged the food nicely for him. Then I put the bowl on the floor with no cutlery of course.

Cuckold came back to the kitchen and saw his dinner standing there on the floor waiting for him.
"thank you for making my dinner ready Mistress" he said.
He pulled out the chair for me, and I sat down as he lay a napkin beside my plate. He checked my wine before I gave him permission to sit down.

Then he got down on his knees and I said "good appetite".

Cuckold bent over his food, and let me tell you, it takes practice to eat food gracefully from a dog bowl. Cuckold has some exercise in eating like this, but I see he needs more..
I took my wip that I had beside me, and touched his chin with it. I told him to calm down and try a bit slower, he used way to much noise. 
Cuckold told me sorry and tried again, and it went a bit better this time. 

All finished with the food, cuckold cleaned up and went back my chair. He started to massage my shoulder and I smiled, I know what he is doing. He knows he did not do to well on the eating and now he tries to warm me up for a milder punishment.
I lay my head back and closed my eyes. This was a good thing, and maybe he get a slight reduction, jut as he tried to get. Sometimes he is smart and get what he wants and other times he do not.



  1. Some really nice pair of shoes (black and red) you have on the picture above. Could you please tell where you got them? Thank you in advance and keep up the good work on your fabulous blog!


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