The use of the easter egg products

Someday we do not know what to expect, and this was one of those days. 
After I had been to the store, I parked the car at home and vent inside. As I opened the door my cuckold met me in the hallway. He kissed me on my mouth, told me he loved me and he started to undress me. He locked the door and continued to kiss my body as the cloths fell off. I grabbed his hair and tighten my grip, as he continued to examine my body. 

I stood there naked, only wearing a tie, when he found some braces and got them on me. He hold me in a tight grip and fetched my hands, got the handcuffs and locked them on me.


I stood there completely still, ignorance of what was going to happen. I felt his tongue touched my pussy and his finger was opening my hole, I moaned and lay my head backwards.

Right before my orgasm was on top, he took my handcuffs and pulled my into the bedroom. He pushed me down into the bed and placed my ass out into the air. As I was placed like this, he took some lube on his fingers, slowly started to play with my ass hole. I felt my heart beat fast, I just love ass play, I am a real ass slut. His finger opened my ass hole and his finger stretched  my ass hole opening. Then I felt a cold metal feeling stroking my butt cheek, followed by a bite. I moaned but I could not move, I was still in handcuffs.
He took the metal butt plug and put it slowly inside my ass, I felt my ass hole expand as the butt plug entered me.


There I stood on my knees in bed, but plug in my ass and all ready for play. I heard the music fill the air and I felt the excitement on what to happen next.
I heard my cuckold fixing something behind me and I looked behind me. There he was, taking on the dildo gag he is allowed  to use if he wants to fuck my ass. His dick is useless and he knows it, so he need to find something that will give me pleasure. 
With some struggle he took the dildo gag in his mouth, something is not easy to do alone. When I am all tied up in handcuffs, he need to fix it by himself. It was easy to see he had been practiced, for as he took on the last buckle, he turned towards me. 


He played a bit more with my butt plug before he slowly removed it. His hands felt my ass hole and I heard his breath went a bit faster. his finger opened my hole and I moaned as he took his face closer to my ass. 
The dildo pressed against my ass, and my hole started to open up. Cuckold used his head to fuck my ass, his nose touched my hole and the tip of it was filled with lube as he moved his head in and out from my butt. The dildo fucked my ass and I bent my back and stretched my body towards the warm tingling feeling in my ass. His fingers started to play with my pussy and clit as his dildo gag fucked my ass. 

I felt the warmth started to burn in my ass, the tingling started to spread out. Small lighting strokes moved around in my stomach and out in my legs. I started to moan higher and small screams came out of my mouth. My orgasm rushed  through me an my body started to shake and my legs was shivering. My pussy juice run out of my as my ass calmed down after that intense orgasm. 

I had been ass fucked by my cuckolds face, and I just loved it. Lets see what more this easter has for me. More play later tonight and tomorrow I know my bull is coming over, we are going to test something fun. 

For all of you, keep naughty and let the fantasy loose.



  1. Fantastic description. Very arousing. Thank you

  2. I love to read your storys. So hot, it makes me so horny. Love your pictures. More, more more....

  3. what a great fresh pussy ... so yummyyyyyy


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