App for keeping count off orgasms

You ever heard of the App called Counter +?
 It is an app we use a lot , and I really recommend it. We use that everyday , and it is so funny.

It is cuckolds job to take care of this app, and have it updated all the time. In the app, you can choose what to count. We have chosen to count my orgasm, cuckolds orgasm, anal orgasm, edging and ruined.
Everytime we have sex, play or something else my cuckold has to have the counting. He need to count my orgasm, as well as his own edging and so on. I have hold the count one time, and that was this new years eve, he had 19 edging. Why you might ask? Welcome to 2019 I said. OMG this night he had really problems in holding himself. 
He bit me, so I got big marks on my shoulder and upper arm. He twisted an turned and made sooo much noise. I let him escape mouth gag this time. I always heard you shal enter the new year with a big bang or a big noise. And he really did. 

And like this morning, I woke up to a orgasm. While I had been asleep, my cuckold had carefully massaging my clit. As I woke up, I felt the warmth in my body. I took a deep breath and let it out with a scream. I wiggled my body, twisted and turned around. To be woken up with an orgasm is my favorite way to start the day and he knows it.


You see my counting on the app? It is so fun to keep track this way. It actually make it more fun to to orgasm, edging and so on. And if he forget to update the app... Well let me tell you, his ass is getting red. 
I was thinking...we can put on more counting to... maybe public orgasm? Self play in different shops, dressing rooms and so on? 
Anyone have some other ideas? Please make a note under here and I see if I can do something about it. Maybe do a story of it if it is an exiting idea.  
I will be back to you about how this app work and og you have tried it, give me YouTube Feedback please. 



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