Public orgasm at a concert

Monday yet again. I do not have many plans this week, so I think I have to play and tease my cuckold a bit. I’m thinking a meeting Saturday or Sunday had been good, after a week teasing a real cock is good. 

I am sitting here looking at cloths, I really need more latex.. I love latex, the smell, the feeling, the shiny.......


To dress in latex, feeling the tightness around my body. Feeling it takes over my body heat and follow my every movement. Some latex is easy to get on, and others more “sticky “ but when you get it on and make it shine.. it is so sexy. I like to go with latex in ordinary days, in ordinary stores and on visit. So I need more. I remember one time me and my cuckold was going on a concert, an I wore a latex pants. That pants is no more unfortunately, but the memory’s are still there.
As I said we where going to the concert , and that day I had joy and laughter in all I did. I was teasing my cuckold all the time and made him a lots off assignment this day. 
As we entered the concert, there where already a lot of people there. I went in my high heels, black shiny latex pants and white see through blouse. My long blond hair was lying down my back and I wore my metal choker. And btw .....I just order new choker and hand/foot chain to my cuckold from Fancy steel. It will be engraved with his slavenumber 443-951-192 and own by HotwifeNo. 

Well back to my concert, I could see I got a lot of looks. I love to get the attention and I looked back at my cuckold, he went one step behind me. We went in front of the stage, and I placed myself so I got close to some boys who was standing there. The gave me looks and they smiled to me and I smiled back of of course. A smile is a good way to get in contact with people you like to meet. 

I told my cuckold to invite them over to us, and he did. They came over and offered me a wine. I thanked them, and gave the all a kiss on the cheek, to feel the tension. When I got to the last one he turned a bit on his head and with a miscalculation I gave him a kiss on the mouth. He took me by surprise, but it felt right and I wanted more. 


The concert started, and I placed myself in front of the guy who I kissed on the lips. He lay his hand on my hips and I let him do it, I even lay my own hand on top of his to show I liked it. I started to move along with the music, and I let my butt feel his pants, his crotch. He got a bump on his crotch, and I stroke my but back and forth on it. He took his hand down to my pussy and started to feel me ,and I let out a small moan. We stood side by side with many people, but it was so crowded the others could hardly see our action if the did not look strait at us.
He moved his finger inside my latex pants and my pussy was already wet. I spread my legs a bit and gave a sign to cuckold, that he had to look. His fingers moved and I moved with him. The music filled the room and my moans flowed with it. I felt my orgasm coming and I could hardly stand on my feet. I shanked and my legs shivered as he took his hand out of my pants. I gave cuckold a sign and he started to thank the guy for pleasuring me. 

We talked a bit more whit these guys , and we got them on snap until later. Maybe I will meet them again, in another setting. 

Well now I have to plan something for my cuckold til he comes home from work today. He will make me dinner and I really need some stretching after my gym today. I send my cuckold a text to go to the bathroom at work and send me a pictures of his dick in 1 minute, or else he will get 1 stroke from the whip. Let’s see if he is fast enough. My task now is to decide if I will go for my leather whip or my bamboo whip. I tell you tomorrow how it went. I think I will have some more task for him too. Make the day a bit more copious. 

Have a nice and pretty kinky day to all of you out there. Enjoy the Monday to the fullest. 




  1. well am so hard and excited to meet you hot well naughty minded soon on purpose or by accident ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Do you like teasing him
    by using big toys in front of him? Do your cuck eat your pussy clean?


  4. Thailand Joe:) love to be naughty minded that way. It’s a good way to live. Wish that for you too:)

    Hey Len:) of. I like to tease him by using toys and using myself in front of him..and let em tell you he gets crazy :) and ofc my cuck ned to clean up.


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