Boys night whit beer, pizza and me. Part 2

I did not take long time before the guys wanted more beer. I took the basket, filled it with cold beer ant went back into the room. I got attention as soon as I got in the door. I opened the beer and took a new delivery round, the guys where a bit more on this time and as I went back out the fourth guy followed me. He told the others he needed to use the toilet.
He followed me in to the kitchen, and as soon as we got in there he started to touch my ass. I turned around and gave him a smile, he was handsome. He was one of those I had been with before, and I knew what I had to expect. 
I took his hand and walk into the bedroom. 

As soon as we got into the bedroom, he started to undress me. My butt plug was still in my ass, making me ready for anal sex.


I was thrown back into the bed, I felt the pulse increase. His mouth wandered from my neck and down to my pussy. I moaned and splitter my legs so he could do better, and I felt the tongue play with my clit. The tongue made the circles I love so much, this is something all guys need to learn to do!

He bent my legs up and he saw my diamond, I noticed he liked it. He took up his phone, took a pictures and send it to my cuckold. I could image  what he had to feel when he got this picture. I know he maybe though this was a possibility, and now he got the proof. 

Then he turned me around, started to play with my butt plug. I just love that feeling, and I get so exited. I let my hand go down on myself, and started to touch my clit as he played with my as. He took the butt plug slowly out, and started to kiss and lick my butt hole. I am a Hotwife that loves anal play. 
He started to talk dirty to me, “you slut...wanna get my big cock now?”
Before I had the chance to answer he turned back the other way. I lay on my back again, and I lifted my legs up. He placed himself between my legs, took a new photo and send to my cuckold as he pushed himself in. 

I bowed my back and my hands held onto the mattress, I felt he filled me up. He started to move and I follow his paste. 
He put his hand down to my clit as he pushed him self in me. He pushed harder and harder, and I felt the warm tingling feeling. I started to make small screams and he imitated told me to come. “Come for me” and I did. My pussy juice started to run out of me as he moved in and out. Then he started to make a high sound and I felt his cum inside me. 

I sat down on the floor, made some of the cum run out of me. I saved it in my hands and took it with me to the kitchen. My cuckold should get dressing on his pizza next time. 
The guy went back into the “boys room” and I sat down in the living room, waiting for my cuckold. I knew he would be with me in a short while. He want to smell the sex and kiss my well used mouth. And just as I knew, in Just a few minutes he walk in to the room. His eyes was shiny and I could almost see the stars in them. I gave him the pizza, kissed him and he smiled. 

The love I get in sex combined with the love I get from cuckold is a ride of a life time, I love it.




  1. The Pictures are so hot. And the text made me so horny. wish i was Your boyfriend.

  2. wawwww you will be having the 4 loads i bet ;);)

  3. I want to take that plug straight from your ass to my mouth!! Can your cuck do it?


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