The art of dirty talk

I am not home today or tomorrow, so I do not have my cuckold to play with or tease. When I am away from my cuckold, I do a lot of dirty talk. Make him think of me, most of his time alone. Send a dirty text unexpected and a different ones, to different times. Let me share a bit of these dirty things with you.

If you are a this to your girl /boy or do it yourself. If you are a girl, DO it or show it to your partner. Dirty talk is so much more than what you first think of. Who 
doesn’t want a text “thinking of you and your hot body, 
can’t wait to hold it again” or something similar or more
directly as “ can’t wait to feel your tongue play with 
me tonight” or “wanna fuck your cock with my mouth”

We as a cuckold couple have our own sex phone. So if cuckold are at a business meeting or a boys night out, he might get massage to send me a nude, get a challenge from me, (the challenge story will come another time) or maybe I send one to him. Can be me playing with myself, me found myself a bull, or just a ordinary Text. This way, you do not have to be afraid what family and colleagues will see or find out.  We also talk to bulls and couples here, that we are interested in meeting. No family or “not this lifestyle friends “ that will notice or “se this lifestyle. More about this another time. Now back to my dirty talk.

Many girls and men think using dirty talk phrases is for bedroom only. Well it certainly makes the sex life more fun and enjoyable, but it can also work on so many other areas
 too. Example your relationship and your daily life.
The first step is to learn how to talk dirty, and what to say.
 Every people get turned on by different things, you just have to test out the different things yourself.  
The most powerful benefit you get from dirty talk ,is the increased sexual tension between you two. Or between all you three, og four... you get the picture. The sexual tension is like a brick , a building block. You need to start at the bottom and build yourself up. When you build a house you need all bricks in place, also the dirty talk brick. Try it out, you and your partner will get a passionate relationship. 

Example here : 
“If we weren’t at this party. with all of these people I would jump you right now.”
“Guess what color my panties are”
“Stop looking at me like that, it’s making me wet”
“Tonight we are going to do what I want to do, don’t worry, it is a lot of fun.”
“I can barely concentrate, I just keep thinking of you 
grabbing me and taking me”

One suggestion, instead of ripping each other clothes off, start the day with dirty talk and keep it up out the day. Can you not speak to each other, write.... sexual tension is the key. It creates the magical feeling that makes you think of each other. To talk dirty to your man is absolutely the best way to build this up.

Dirty talk under sex can enhance and intensify your sex life. Like : “fuck me harder” or “I love your cock” 
“I want to taste your cum”
“I have been really bad, and I need to be punished. 
“Cum for me”

Is there anything worse for a sex life than a man traveling far for work, post abroad or a distances between two people.
Use the right kind of dirty talk, on phone or text for example. It will make him think of you and fantasize about you, and about the next time he gonna see you. He will also eagerly wait for your next text or call. Some examples you can use her: 
“Just thinking of you make me so dam wet”
“I miss your cock”
“Still feel sore after last night”
“I masturbated about you last night”

Start dirty talk in the bedroom, only you two. Here is the easiest and most natural place to do it. After a while when 
you are “safe” you can start to use it elsewhere. It is 
nothing more exiting than seeing your mans reaction when you lean towards him in a crowded bar, and whisper 
something dirty in his ear. “I am not wearing panties “.
Almost every guy on this planet loves to hear you talk dirty, but all peoples are different, and like different typo of phrases. Talk to each other, listen and test it out.
Like home at my place, my cuckold get a lot og dirty talk. Always and he never know what or when: three small examples “wish I had that big black cock now, not your tiny one” , “let me hear you as the sissy you are” or “want you to 
lick up the cum, make me clean” 
That is not for all guys. Some guys prefer you to be subtle and even polite, others prefer more super explicit. 
Let’s think two couples, both on same cafe or church even. They sit quietly beside each other. She lean towards him, 
whisper in his ear:

Example on subtle: 
“I can’t wait to we get home”
Example on super explicit:
“can’t wait til we get home , so I can be there you on your knees and fuck you so hard, that you can’t walk tomorrow “

The key is to find the right dirty talk for you. Send him a text, test him out: examples on text:
“Last night I had the wildest dream.....and you where in it”
“I can’t stop thinking about you, get out of my head”
“I miss the feeling of your hands all over me”
“You have a choice tonight ... oral or anal, so what’s it gonna be.”

It is important that you do not have to do this, if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It is obviously that dirty talk turns guys on, but you need to have fun too. Make it to a game, make the dirty talk work for YOU.
But try before you say “this is not for me”, when you see 
your mans reaction, your confidence will grow.
If you did not get that reaction you wanted or expected, 
forget that technique and try something else. You will this 
way slowly build up a brick you can use, and you will now build up a encyclopedia of dirty talk phrases and strategies that will keep your man obsessed with you.

Be  aware of the TRAP , yes indeed there is a trap when girls/woman starts with dirty talk. Many of them starts with 
a bang and thinks the best way to talk dirty is to be very explicit and aggressive. You can quickly realize that to be subtle can be more Intense and powerful than explicit and aggressive. 

For example at a party you go over to you man, whisper in his ear 
(subtle):”if these people wasn’t around.....I got a sexy surprise for you later”
He will be constantly wondering what you meant, what you are going to do, and he will be very turned on.
(Explicit/aggressive):” one time this night I am gonna put 
your cock in my mouth and taste your cum”
Now he will constantly think of you, look for you and wonder when you are gonna take him.

You will now have one happy man, who is completely addicted to you, and only you. Wherever you are.

Try it out, please comment on post if you have a sexy dirty talk story og phrase to share. I love to hear your thoughts too.



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