Snapchat can be quite dirty

I have to laugh just thinking about my cuckold yesterday. I took 2 minutes before I got that pictures, and when I told him he knew he had gotten 1 stroke from the whip. I had chosen the bamboo whip this day, but cuckold do not know it before he comes home. 
I was thinking if I should use handcuffs on him or not, I think I will take the lock off and make him wear handcuffs. 

But first I had to give him more assignments, before the work day was over. I told him, that every time he got a pictures from me on snap he should wait to open it u til he was NOT alone. I know so many jealous and “normal”people that shall and will hide when the open pictures that may contain “adult” content.  But not me, I can feel his nervousness all the way home to me and I love it. He needed to say to some at work : I think my wife send me pictures of a puppy we are babysitting and show the phone to that person when he opened the picture. Next photo, new person ,same sentence. He never knew when it was coming an “adult “ photo.

My first pic was pretty innocent , it was of my nails. I would guess he was pretty exited when he opened the pictures. 
I send more pictures, and then I send a pictures of my self. On the pictures I was playing with my pussy, and I become so horny that I had to play more after the pictures. 

I felt my pussy was all wet and warm. I let my hand stroke slowly over my thigh, closed my eyes and imagine people are looking at me. I play with my clit, I feel it get warm, and my legs starts to got that tingling feeling. I put my fingers inside my pussy while my hand lay on my clit. As I move the fingers in and out, my hand was massaging my clit. The orgasm came hard, and I screamed it out. 
After a few minutes I draw my breath and looked at my phone, and there was a text from cuckold. He had an embarrassing face at the start and he said of all people, it was his boss who had seen the “adult” pictures. The boss had come with a deep breath but he had seen the pictures. “That was not a puppy” he had responded. “No my cuckold had answered. 

As he entered the hallway well at home from work, I met him with a kiss. “Hello darling I said, and locked the front door and get back to cuckold. I kissed him down his chest, down on my way to his crotch. I unbuttoned his pants, and the pants fell down around his ankle. 
I took his hand in front, took the handcuffs and took them on him. I found the key, unlocked his chastity, as he got a strictly message not to touch. 

When he was unlocked and ready, he went into the kitchen, making some dinner, in handcuffs of course. Today I will get Macaroni and cheese. He served us food, cleans up afterward, while I was varnished toenails. All done he came to me in the sofa. I asked him to turn around before he sat down, he did and pointed his ass up in the air. Making his butt ready for his one stroke. He got away cheaply today, only one stroke of the whip. 

The whip made a wheezing sound in the air, and a small flabby when it hit his butt. I instantaneous went down on my knees, stroke the red mark on his butt with my finger. I started to kiss the top of the mark and all the way down to the end. “I love you darling” I said to him and un cuffed him, and locked him back in. Before the chastity got on I took him in my mouth, I sucked the cock in and out 5 times, then put the chastity back on. He put his arms around me and kissed me on top of my head. I am only 165 centimeters and he nearly 190 centimeters, so he is a good and big “protector “ 
As I stood in his arms I already thought of some new things to do to him the following day, and something I figured out. He will go without chastity cage at work, but he is under no circumstances allowed to touch his cock. Even after toilet he needs to find ways to dry it without getting close to it. For every time he gets close or touch it, he will get a punishment. What punishment you wonder?
Follow the blog tomorrow and I tell you. It will be so fun!




  1. Punishment: fuck your ass with his tongue

  2. Takk for fine fortellinger fra deres liv, hilsen mann som elsker å kle seg i skinn/lakk og layex

  3. Anonymous, that souldronningen be me a pleasure;)

    Unknown, takk for du leser/følger med. Og lakk og layex.... er. Åse sexy å se på men ikke minst å få med selv. Trenger virkelig mer av dette selv ;)

  4. Hei. Hva tenker du om å la din cuck ligge under deg i 69, mens du blir tatt av en massiv kukk bakfra?? Det hadde vært helt fantastisk og se dere i denne stillingen!!


  5. Have done it many times, will try to take a pic next time just need two bulls then;)
    One to fuck me and one to take the pic😈🔥

    1. Is his dick locked in when in this position? Where do the bulls cum?


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