Restrained breakfast, while cuckold are at work

I stod in the bathroom, my body was wet from the shower. I took a towel and dried my self, and then I buttered som cream on my body.
My cuckold had left for work and I made myself ready for my bull.
 The doorbell rang and I opened it , in just my underwear. But guess what... It was not my bull it was Jehovas whiteness. They just stood there, looking at me and I told them I was not interested. As we stood there at the door, my bull drove in and stopped the car. He went out and at the same time a younger man got out of the car too.  “I brought a friend “ he said. I told him sure and kissed him before we went back in. The Jehovas Witness stood still outside the door, but started to walk as we closed it behind us. 

We went up in to the bedroom and my bull had a gift for me. From his bag he took a doggy style spreader and he showed it to me. He said he would like to restrain me , he got help from his partner and the sat me down. He started to touch me, felt my wet pussy with his hands and fingers. Slowest kissing one leg, and put it into one hole. Started to kiss the next foot and put it in the other hole too. Now my butt was standing out and up in the room. My butt cheek was spread , and the could both see  my pussy juice running down my thigh. 

Then my arms where tied up, first the right on. He once more kissed his way down along the arm, started at the shoulder, ending at my wrist. When he kissed my wrist he took it in the third hole. And then the last hand, but first he went in front of me, took my last hand and made it feel his big black cock. He hold my hand, stroke my hand up and down his cock. He made a moan and put the last hand in the restrain and locked it. 


“You slut” I got a slap on my butt , but well restrained as I was, I could hardly move. Bull took a photo of me and send to my cuckold, one restraint and one when he felt my breath. They started to touch, and slap my butt and I felt it got warm and red stripes appeared. 
 Bull got behind me and started to tease me with his delicious cock. 
“Please fuck me” I moaned as he pushed himself into my pussy. The other guy stood in front of me. Hold my head and felt my breast who was pressed down Into the ground. I felt bull moved faster and faster and he grabbed my hips with his hands. Suddenly I felt his cum inside me and I screamed for more. He slap my butt and unleashed my hands. He put me on all 4 and the other guy got behind me in bed while bull stood on the floor, putting his cock into my mouth. 

His cock smelled of pussy juice and cum, a delicious taste. It is the taste of sex, and that makes my even more horny. The other guy pressed himself into me as I was sucking bull. He wore a condom and that makes my cuckold dinner even more exciting. I sucked his dick, and the cum from it run out of my mouth, I stopped up and looked at the white stripes down the cock. I put my tongue on it, and licked it up again. I put my hand down to my clit and I started to feel the orgasm, my fingers was starting to get that tingling feeling and my stomach twisted inside. I sucked even deeper as I felt my body shiver, bull grabbed my hair so I could not pull away. I made some noise with my mouth full of cock, and my hand held the sheet hard. 

After a few minutes, I had gotten my breath back. I stretch out in bed, started to move my fingers again ,feeling my body.
I was ready for a new round, and my bulls weren’t hard to ask. 

A few hours later, bulls have left and my cuckold was coming home.
“Hey darling, made you a good dinner today” I smiled. He kissed me on my mouth and we went into the kitchen.
The dinner was served. Shrimp scampi and cum dressing.


I’m exhausted after a production day and my plan for the night is a warm bath and a massage on my shoulders. Soon weekend and the measurements for the new chastity and collar need to be ready. Let’s see how this will go. 

Have a kinky day and night and take this challenge from me:
“Make your partner come, let him /her have at least 1 orgasm, NOT in bed and unexpected to him/her




  1. So hot story. You are truly an amazing woman. Is it possible to see the bulls dick compared to the cucks dick? Close up pic from bulls dick fucking you doggy?



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