Free from chastity, but do NOT touch.

Today I removed my cuckolds chastity cage before he went to work. He put in “touching cock” in the counting app, so I could see how many times he actually did the task wrong. I know for a fact that he is gonna make some mistakes today, he easily forget not to touch when lock is off and no hands tied up. Today he got a hard challenge, and I’m exited to see how it goes. 

I had done the red little put plug ready for him today to wear at work. As soon as he had brushed his teeth and shaved his face, I told him to bend over. I took some lube and put my finger inside the butthole, and rotated slowly around, making the lube do its magic. I took the but plug, slowly put it under hot water, because the metal was cold, got some lube on it and put it in. 

I gave him a slap on the butt cheek, squeezed the balls a bit. He become tight in his face but he kept quiet. I let him go and told him to get dressed.
Already 4minutes after he left home the first tick of touching came in. And the fool is, as fast as he noticed he do the touch, he imitates stop. If he does not.... hard punishment. If he stops, small punishments. I smiled and shakes my head... poor cuckold, he really had his day ahead of him.
As he was working I sat online and chatted a bit, see if I could meet some new bulls. In just a few weeks we are planning a trip to Cat people in Oslo, and we are hoping we maybe can have a play date with a couple.  We are also trying to plan a trip someplace in end of July, but haven’t decided where.. Camp D’Agde, London, Netherlands.... we decided a vocation where I have the chance to be slutty and maybe get my cuckold a bit more experienced with real cocks and sissy training. 

There it ticked in one more touch text, now I just had to do the punishment ready for him.
I get the pink chastity cage out, and make this ready for him. This chastity cage, has small spikes inside.


I also find the leather whip, white lace braw and stockings. 
For every tic of touch he will get one whip, on his thigh , butt or balls. Depends where I would like at that very moment. I put him in a position I like, at the moment I think in inspection position.
When I am speaking to him, he will knell down , eyes in the floor until we are finish speaking. For every tenth tic, this will go on for one hour, at the same time as he get a list of chores and household responsibilities. Shortfalls in this area would be cause of further punishment. 

Then my cuckold came back home, and he showed his list to me. You might think, what if he is untrue, that he do not put in every time he did the mistake. Now is the time for the trust to come in. Our relationship is based on honesty, openers and respect. This is a part of our deal, and without this trust, we can not get this kind of relationship to work. So I trust him, and he will speak the truth to me. 

He had been touching himself 37 times..... wow... 3 hours , 45 minutes households chore, and knell when spoken to. 
37 whips on his butt and thighs, and 3 hours and 45 minutes wearing the chastity cage with spikes in it. 
I sat down in the sofa again while he was cleaning the hallway, and polish my shoes. I am sitting and planning a meeting tomorrow while cuckold are at work. Will I have one or two over.. I think I will have two, and I start to send a few snaps with some bulls I have had several times. Bout bulls are up for it, and will meet at my place tomorrow after cuckold has left. 

I tell cuckold to get in to me, he gets into the living room, sit sown on his knees. I say he needs to wash my body suite and polish my black shoes. He also need to change on our bed and exfoliate my body. I tell him bulls are coming over tomorrow, and he needs to make things ready tonight.
“Yes Mistress” he responds and get up from the floor to do the chore I just gave him. I smile and now I am looking forward too tomorrow. Follow me on tomorrow’s blog and you can hear how the meeting went. One thing I know... tomorrow cuckold will get cum dressing on his dinner. 

Let’s hope I get some spanking and I’m sure I will have some nice and wet orgasm.




  1. Elsker ditt liv. Du kan virkelig å gjøre din mann avhengig av deg!

  2. Elsker mitt liv jeg også:) takk for du følger det her inne


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