Boys night whit beer, pizza and me. Part 1

It is Friday and I’m home after a few days away. I will tell you about my days away tomorrow, a girls trip can always be fun. 
My cuckold met me at the door and gave me a welcome home kiss. He had bough in beers, pizza and crisps by message from me. I kissed him back and checked that the chastity was sitting as it should, and it did. The only thing is that I need to clean and shave him properly, I told him to get to the bathroom. 

A few hours later my cuckold got four friends over, for beer and pizza. My cuckold had cleaned and fixed the extra tv room, and put all beer in the fridge. He was all ready so was I.

I heard them laughing and joking far out of the room, as I stood on the kitchen and was making pizza. I looked at the pizza, it was a few more minutes til it was done. 
I got a basket and put five cold beers, and some spice in it. My heals was clicking on the floor and the warm air from the stove, stroke my skin as I stood there. In my tight, shiny black pants, my fish hole sweater and my black high heeled shoes. 

© Hotwifeno
© Hotwifeno
I took the pizza out and put it on the plate. Then I took the plate and the basket and walked into the "boys room". As I entered the room , the guys went completely still. My cuckold stared at me, I smiled back. "You like some pizza darling?, and your friends too maybe?" My cuckold got up from the chair and helped me set the pizza on the table. I took the basket, and got one beer up. Opened it took a sip and went over to the closest, gave him the beer and stroke my butt against his arm. Bowed down in my basket again, fetching a new beer. Went towards the next one, "Don’t be shy” I smiled, and he stared back at me. I gave him the beer and let my hand slowly walk down between my boobs, down my stomach before I stopped. I moved my butt so it stroke his hand and he quickly draw his breath.I smiled to him and took a new beer up, walked over his legs and stopped at number three.

I opened a new beer, and gave it to him. He was a bit more directly and took his hand and put it on my butt, at the same time as he looked at my cuckold. My cuckold stood by the door, and gave him a sign that it was ok. The guy turned his attention to me again and his hand rubbed my butt a bit more. I took my hand on his chest before I went over to the last one. "Beer, or a kiss?" I said. "Both" he replayed, so I gave him the cold beer and a kiss before I turned to my cuckold. I lay my hand on his cheek, and rubbed against him. Took my hand down my body, bite my lip and looked back at the guys in the room. All of them was looking at me as I stroke my cuckolds chastity belt. Even if it was under clothes, you could hear the metallic sound from the lock, and i noticed the guys heard it.
I looked back at my shoulder as I walked out the door,  “Let me know when you need more beer darling “
As I was out of sight, I heard loud talking and my cuckold answering them. This night is gonna be fun, wanna hear about it? 



  1. can't wait to know what happen ..... great hot naughty mind hot wifey :):)

  2. Stay tune the story will come soon;)


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