Public play in the restaurant

I am that type of woman that wanna try it all. I can not say I am not into it, before I have tried it myself. I have done a lot of things but I have so much more I would like to do. I wanna play with girls, couples and shemale. I wanna travel more, have more gangbang, go on visit to people, clubs , cottage trips, and btw we got some interesting invitations for a cottage trip this summer. Things like that is perfect to meet new people. And do new things ofc. And in all those things I wanna do or do more of... There is public play too.

Public play is fun, to tease and get noticed. I remember one time. Me an my cuckold was going to Nodee Sky restaurant in Oslo. We where gonna meet some friends of us. Not from this lifestyle,  it “normal one” guess we all have some of those friends. 
I had dressed up in my lacquer dress and ballet shoes. I love wearing those public, and I am gonna .
Just as we where heading out of the house, we got a snap, My bull wanted a fuck tonight. We told him to meet us at the restaurant in about 2 hours.  The date was confirmed and the Bull was gonna public play me tonight. I went back in the house, fetched my vibrating egg, sat down , and placed it nicely inside my pussy. Pressed the button, to check if the battery worked. And they did. Pulled my dress down again, no panties today either. Never use panties any more.  A real slut do not use panties I am told.


As we sat down by the table. Me ,my cuckold,  “Maria” and “Martin”, Bull was entering the room. He saw us and come towards our table. I smiled at him and he sat beside me. My cuckold gave him the control to my pussy egg under the table. He had to start it at once to see if it worked. My eyes where bigger and I took a quick breath. He was pleased with me.

He started to touch my thigh and I saw cuckold noticed. “ you have to buy you mistress a drink” he told my cuckold. Maria and Martin do not know I am my mans Mistress, and they looked at me. But cuckold knew his place. He went to the bar and got both me and Bull a drink. I got my favorite.. strawberry daiquiri.
The vibration of the egg started to drive me crazy, I let out a moan and Maria looked at me. I bit my lip, I took my hand down in my bulls pants. He was so hard, but still so soft. My egg vibrated intense. My bull got up, took my hand and we went over to the toilet. As soon as we got there, it was one lady’s room and one mens room. We went in to the mens room. Just inside the door, he grabbed my ass and kissed me hard. I let out a moan and at that same moment a guy came in the door. His eyes widen up when he saw us. My Bull did not care, and the new man was looking. I think he had forgotten that he was suppose to go to the toilet. He got a bitt tougher and went towards us. “ look at this cheep slut” my bull said. “Only thing she wants is to get fucked, while her husband is in the restaurant “
I saw the other man get interested, and he started to join us. I was thrown around, and he pulled me down by the hair. 

My egg was shaking and I started to beg for more. My Bull removes my egg, and the mans eyes got widen. “I told you” my bull said. “She is a slut”

I found myself over the toilet seat. Sucking the mans cock as I felt my bull spread my leg. Once more a new man came inn. It was openly a friend of the man. He went strait at us and the man told him to join. He took only few seconds to react.
At last my Bulls dick went into me. I shivered and closed my eyes. I felt the man come in my mouth, I took of him the rubber, I have to save it for my cuckold.

Bull sat down at the toilet seat, put me on top whit my back towards him. He put his huge dick in my anal and invited the friend to com into my pussy, and he did. I got the double penetrating that I love so much. As I felt my orgasm, my Bull filled me up with his cum.

All shaky, we went back to the table. Cuckold looked at me, I smiled, took his drink under the table. Filled it whit cum and gave it back to him. “Drink up darling” I said.
Cuckold was a good sissy, and the drink was empty in no time.

We sat a few hours more. Talking, touching, drinking and had a good time. When we were on our way out, we passed the man and his friend. I saw the where looking at us, and I smiled to them slut style. My cuckold noticed and I said “was that mans cum tasty.”


Well at home. I was so tiered in my feet, after walking on the ballet shoes all night... I told Cuckold to massage them before we went to bed, and he did.
I never seen those 2 men again, but I never go a place without rubbers in my purse. Many people have a lot of things in their purse... So do I. I got a vibrating egg, lube, condoms, a small dildo, make up, wipes and my Iphone.



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