Winter Photo shoot outside in the snow

I was still thinking if my cuckold should get some time out from the chastity belt. He had behaved good, but was it good enough?
Well, let me think about it to after my photo shoot. Today I’m so looking forward to a winter cold public photo shoot. It is 9 degrees below zero, and quite chilly. But who cares...Not me

I got all dress up. in my black dress. Found my ballet shoes and a warm jacket.
We drove the car to an old bridge, it was close to a highway so we could get company while we where here. But who cares, I am an exhibition, så no running and hide.


I walk to the bridge, and it was a bit slippery at the snow and ice. I walked slowly and all went good. unfortunately, the sun had already went down by the mountain at this bridge, but I still loved the view. I looked out over the frozen river. The fog laying over it. It is fascinating.
The  cold air rapped around me, licking my body and send some chills through me. I felt so free.


I looked at my cuckold, as we heard a noise. And just as we got suspicion about, a couple on skies came towards us. 
The man was looking at me like his eyes was popping out of his head, he suddenly noticed i was looking at him and he took his eyes away fast, and almost fell down in the snow. The lady said hello, and said it look cold to stand like this and take photos. I agreed with her and walked towards my cuckold on the other side of the bridge so they could cross the bridge beside us. I turned  around and some snow got into my dress, as I moved a bit fast, and I got all wet. All wet and cold, we still had some more photo to take. The weird thing is that it was not really that cold.. 


After a few more pic, we went back to the car. Got some heating on.. It was a good day, many pictures and a cold snow shower. It will not be long before next time i will do a public photo shoot. Any one have some wishes for clothing or places to take pictures, let me know.

Just as we entered the door at home, I was thinking it was time for a solution for my cuckold chastity freedom. 
I found out what do do as i saw him was coming towards me, carrying all our photo thing in from the car.
"Hey darling" I said.
"go into the house, sit down in wait position" I told him. He did, and i fetch my self a glass of wine and went in after him.
 What happens now, I will tell you in tomorrows blog.



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