Question and replays from our readers

As a Hotwife you get a lot of different question. I though I should answer some of them here. A few other question I will use a new post on for they take a bit more space to answer. Like the question: "How do i find a Hotwife"... Well that one will I do a new post on.


Question 1: How long do you keep your cuckold in chastity.
- Well, it depends... from 1 week to 3-4 months. But he needs to ejaculate about 1 time each mont if not edged up, but if he get a lot of teasing he needs more ejaculation. He is a trained Sissy, so he can have anal orgasm if I play with him or tell him to do it him self. That can be done even when he is in chastity.
He can even wear an extender cock/dildo outside his cage and fuck me. Then I get fucked and he do not get the feeling, just the pleasure of pleasing me.
He needs to shave, wax and wash his cock. I feel 2-3 time a week is a good time interval. I unlock him, and his hands is always tied on the back. (no self touching) I shave, wash and wax him, and put him back in the cage.

Pic from web

Question 2: How do you not have better/more pictures on blog?

-What pic is expected?
I write about my life as a Hotwife. But not all people I meet or play with, is ok with coming on the blog or in pic in generally. I respect that, privacy is a big thing for me/us.
It is not all the time I take pic of all I do. But after a while doing the blog, I learn  more what you readers want to hear about and what like to see. This is why feedback is important to me/us. I like my photos, and I will never have my face open for all to see.
Pic are alot of work, so as I/we dont get any money from this blog it stops it self.
We have plans for more Photo session, and actually waiting for some cloth as we speak. Cant wait so you have something to look forward too:)

Question 3: Will you have films on the blog?

-Until now we have only used pictures.
But in the future when the blog has stabile readers and we gotten to know our readers a bit more there will be movies. We have a good archive, and getting more every time we meet some one. Some is for private use only and some we can share in the future.

Question 4: Wanna be Hotwife..

- I have gotten that question from girls in different ages. I am in thinking zone.. Shall I take on me that task of telling /teaching them about this life? It had been fun to have a new hotwife under training.. Maybe have a follow up on her progress here on the blog?

The fun part is that I get messages from girls/woman that the wanna live this life I have, and wanna find a man who can give them this life. In the other hand I get messages from men, saying they are looking for Hotwife to have by their side.

Question 5: What lube to use?

- This question we get often. I recommend water based for vagina and cock and oil/silicon based for anal. If you use oil/silicon in vagina, you can easy get abdominal mushrooms.  

Question 6: Can we recommend a bull or cuckold couple
- We never recommend one way or the other, the only exception is if we know both parties. So we can be sure that both of them will have a good time and hold up their end of the deal.

Pic from web

If you have more question than this feel free to send us a mail or comment here.

We have also open for guest post, feel free to use it and tell all of us about fantasies and desires.
Love to have all those replay from you. Keep it coming.




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