A Sex dream from a burning house

I woke up...Yet again I had that dream of my cuckolds buddy. He is so hot...
I felt so horny after my wet, desirable dream... OMG..
The time is only 3 o`clock but I can not wait...
I shake my cuckold pretty hard, he sleeps deep at least at this time. "Honey...I am so horny...I had that dream again" He mumble but tried to wake up.

I got his hand and took it down to my pussy. As soon his warm fingered touched my pussy, he woke up for real. His fingers started to do their job. "Ahhh I dreamt about Alex again" I said... My cuckold saw how horny I was. "You need to get him to me darling, I want his dick and body"
"What was your dream Mistress, let me try to focus your pleasure when you tell me about it"
And here it is:

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© Hotwifeno@gmail.com

I was standing inside my house, it was midnight and I only wore my red lingerie. The house was on fire, and I could not get out. As I was wondering what to do, Alex came out of the smoke. He had his firefighter`s dress on, uniforms are so sexy. He reach out his hand for me, and I grabbed it. Before I knew what was happening, he put his hand behind my head and his mouth over mine. I returned the kiss, and my hand started to wonder around his body. We went out of the house, to the hill beside it. He opened his jacket and got out of his pants real quickly. I felt the cold air agains my hot body, I stroke down his body felt him shiver. My hand found his thigh and followed it up to his dick. It stood like a soldier waiting for his queen. We heard some noice behind us and two firefighter came out from the house. They stopped and looked at us. We did not care and just kept going, even we knew they were there. " Ehhhh.. Alex... The fire is under control, at least in the house" they said.. " I know, but not the fire in this slut" He said and kept his hand working on my pussy, I moaned. The two firefighters started to take their hand down their pants , working their own dicks. We let them look, and we liked it. I have a big fetish for have other looking a me, have sex. As I looked at them I saw their hands had let the dick out of their pants. I felt Alex pressed him self into me, and I bent my body up against him. I was holding his butt cheeks with my hands. We heard the other firefighters was getting horny and was jerking off hard. "Save the cum for me, I want the cum over my face and boobs." I said loud. 

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
(The pic is another story)

My body was shaking as the orgasm was building up in me and I started to make small screams. The two fire fighters was coming towards us, jerking faster and faster. As I felt my orgasm rushed through my body, Alex filled me up with his premium cum. At the same time my face and boobs was filled with the two other firefighters cum. 

I lay in the ground looking at Alex as he got dressed, he was so damn sexy. "Give your cuckold some good lunch from me" he smiled at me. I took my hand down to my pussy, grabbed a finger with cum and put it slowly in my mouth

It tasted pineapple, this is btw a taste every guys can get with right diet. I tell you the secret in another post. 

I slowly "woke" up from my own stories, and my body was tired. My orgasm had been so intense, so overwhelming. 
My cuckold looked at me, Stared is a better word. " I really need to get you that cock, don`t I?" he replied.
I just smiled, petted him on his head and lay back down to go to sleep. I noticed he was not ready to sleep at all, that is the life of a cuckold sometimes. He only get the pleasure of hearing my dreams and making me come.

Already looking forward to the next time with Alex, let`s hope it is the "real thing" that time. Alex is on my NO list, it is a short list but my cuckold have a few men I can`t fuck.. I need to respect that, but I can always work on changing his mind;)



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