Freedom from chastity and a sissy orgasm

My cuckold sat on his knees before me, in slave kneeling position. I walked around him, looking down at him. He was keeping his eyes down to the floor, like a slave for his Mistress.

“You have been a good sissy and cuckold” I told him. “So tonight, for a while, you gonna be my slave. A free from chastity slave. “
I took the ropes from the floor. Sat down. Kissed his neck. Took the rope around the hands one time, then two times. Kept on kissing his neck , shoulder ,then I looked down on his hands. I collected both hands and tightened it. I bent down and Whispered in his ear, “your hands is tied up now, and they will be until you  beg me for untie them again. I will now unlock your chastity belt, so when you beg me to free your hands, the chastity will come back on. “
(I usually tie up his arms, or put him in handcuffs when I unlock him from his chastity belt, so that he has no chance to touch his small useless dick, his sissy clit)


I took his chastity in my hands, took the key from my ankle ( I always wear the key to the chastity on me). I am his key holder and he can not get out without my approval.

I looked down at the tiny dick, if you even can call it by that name, it is a reason why I often say sissy clit to it.
“No eye contact darling, and do remember to ask me for permission when you want to do anything”
“Thanks Mistress” he responded.
I told him to get up and fetch me my Christian Louboutin shoes, my favorites.
I took them on and sat down to relax a bit.

“Mistress , may I go to the toilet please?” My slave asked me. I got up from the chair and followed him to the toilet. I took his sissy clit in my fingers, it was so small that I needed to use my fingers not my hand to hold it. I scowled at him, it was so small. I held it over the toilet so he could pee.
The paper he needed to fetch himself. He used his mouth to get it and gave it to me. I dried his sissy clit, and I told him to go undressed.

“Go and get the suckcup dildo hunny, the one whit the big head”

After a “yes Mistress” (he always use my name Mistress when he talked or responds to me.) He went to get it. He came back with the dildo in his mouth. One of the places I love to see the dildo.
I told him to put it on the floor and ride it hard. He placed the dildo on the floor. He asked if he could get some lube. “Go and get the anal lube” I told him.

Back in the living room he asked me for help with the application in his ass. I took the lube. Gave him a good slap over his butt with my hand before I took the lube on my finger. I slowly put my finger in his anal. Rotating it around, and he started to react. He grumbled, moved his locked hand , but he fas stuck.
I took a bite on his shoulder , and a new slap over the butt. Then I sat down in the chaise with a glass of wine in my hand. “Go on” I said. He sat down at the dildo. I saw his butt hole expand, taking the huge head on that dildo.
He took a quick draw of breath and started to move faster. I started to touch myself while I was looking at him riding that dildo. His small sissy clit hardly moved at all.
I took a new sip from the wine, liked what I saw. “Why is my sissy so quiet” I said. He started to make noice as a sissy at once. He moaned, and he made small screams. He asked for permission to come , I said yes. Let him get the pleasure. The small sissy clit  was shaking and it was leaking out cum.  “ clean up” I told him. He put his face to the floor, licking up his own cum.
I went up from the chaise, inspect the floor and sissy clit and I pointed at a few spots he had missed. He used his tongue to clean up the rest before I said it was ok.

“Can you please wash and shave my sissy clit Mistress” he said.
And ofc I can do that... Almost, I found the wax and waxes his butt, balls and around and on the sissy clit. After that I washed it good. I gave him a quick blow job, he asked if he could have an orgasm, I told him no, edged him one more time and one more, six times all together. He was so shaky now, his hole body was shivering. He gave up holding himself standing. “Please untie me Mistress” he said. I went to get the chastity belt at once. When he ask this question, it is a thing I do with no question asked. I put on the cage. Sat behind him, untied his hands. Then I put my arms around him. Hold him tight. He put his head on my shoulder.
“I love you my love” I told him.

We sat like this for a long time. Holding each other. I felt the love for my cuckold.
He is my heart keeper, as I am his. I love the power I have over him, as his Hotwife and Mistress. But I also love the power he has over me, as my husband and life partner.

I wish the same for all you out there, to find your thing, as we have found ours.



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