Girls night out, ended up with two new BBC bulls

The water was running down my body. My cuckold was standing beside me, waiting for me to finish up. The towel was ready in my cuckolds arms. I went out of the shower, got my cuckold to dry my body and put some moisture cream on it. Making me ready for the night, I`m gonna have a girls night out.


Me and my girlfriends was sitting on a nightclub. We just got our eyes on a table with some sexy dark men. I got eye contact with them, and it did not take long before two of the guys walked over towards us.
I smiled and they sat down. I decided I wanted those men tonight. I was sitting in my short black dress, no panties ofc. I took my legs apart from each other, so one of the two got a look inside. I saw he noticed and he could not stop looking. I saw he gave a sign to his friend, and is was just seconds before he sat close to me. His hand was placed on my thigh.

I took my mouth to his ear and my hand on his bbc, said some words and I feel a movement in his pants. I let my fingers walked slowly over his abdomen. He let out a moan. His hand moved up my skirt and I let him. We where still at the club, and people started to notice, but i did not care. (I am a exhibitionist)
My girls know me and they sat horny by my side, looking. I unbutton this pants right there under the table. His dick felt warm, pulsating in my hand. He was huge, and black. Just as I love. A real BBC. I bent over him and put his dick in my mouth. At the same time i felt the other man touched my butt. My other hand vent over to his pants. He was so hard and I could feel he was even bigger than the one in my mouth at the moment. I unbutton his pants too, and my mouth switched pasture. As I was lying there , sucking. The first man took his dick under my dress and I felt he blasted my wet pussy on his way in. I moan and took a really deep throat suck. He moved in and out. Suddenly the cum was filling my mouth. thick white cream. I swallowed and in that moment my pussy was filled with more cum. I was warm , expanded, wet.

As we where having sex on that couch , my girls had been taken some pictures and sent home to my cuckold. I knew that the moment I got home, he would be all over me. Pleasing, begging, horny.
And just as I thought. the moment I got out of the car at home, he open the door. Met me in the hallway. I gave him a sign , I was tiered. He went down on all 4 and crawling round my legs. He took off my shoes, massaging my feet as they came out. I noticed he smelled the mans smell on me. Then he saw the cum running down the inside of my thigh. I said please do you job, so I can get to bed darling. I started at the ankle, and ended up in my pussy.

I walked into the bedroom, and the bed was freshly made up. I heard water running in the bathroom.... I smiled. I know what was going on. My cuckold had to use cold water on his Chastity belt. His small dick , was trying to get hard.

He came in , got into bed. He put his arms around me, I could feel the love from my cuckold. Little did he know, they are coming for a visit tomorrow morning. But that will be another story for later.



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