Sex surprise

I Walked down the street, and the sun was shining. I felt the warmth from it on my skin and I lay my head back a bit, closed my eyes as I took about 2 steps, before I crashed strait into a guy. He grabbed my arm before I went down on my back on the ground. I felt his muscles under his sweater and I draw my breath quickly, he was the perfect Bull.
"You ok?" he asked me. I told him yes but how in all the world could I crash into him on 2 steps.. He smiled. " because I wanted you too" he said.

I check my white shirt if any boobs had wondered out or if they still was on the inside. 

He lifted his arm and stroke my blouse opening, and I saw the question in his eyes. I smiled and took the blouse a bit more to the side so he could see. There we was, in the middle of the street and I completely forgot there was other people around us.
He took my hand and pulled me into a street, pushed my back against a house wall and kissed my mouth as his hands opened my blouse a bit more. He grabbed my breast and started to put small bites around the nipple. A door on the house we were standing at opened and a guy looked strait at us. 

He said we was welcome to come inside if he could join us to play. The man standing there biting me, looked at me and before I could answer we were on our way inside. inside the house one more guy was present. they all three went up to me, pulled of me my cloths and I let it happened. I just lay my head back and felt the hands following my body as it become naked. I was pushed down on the sofa and one of the guys already stood there ready with his stiff long cock.

I opened my mouth and It was quickly filled with a hard, warm cock.

My mouth locked it self around the cock and at the same time one guy was coming under me and the last one behind me as I sat on me knees with my pussy all the way down.
A warm feeling went through me as the huge cocks entered my pussy and ass at the same time. I moaned and I was fucked hard from first moment. The cock was filling me up , and I did not take long before I felt my body burning. I was so horny and so wet. The guy in my mouth bent his body towards me and he screamed out as he got an orgasm. My body started to shiver and I moaned and moved towards the cocks inside me. 

My boobs moved up and down and I felt the weight of them when my climax was getting closer. "Fuck me, fuck me hard" I told them between my moans. "what slut you are" one of the guys took my hair lifted my head back and took the cum out of the condom and took it on my face. My lipstick mixed itself with the cum and as my orgasm rushed through my body, I could taste the warm, salty and fresh cum. 

My body calmed down and I Got up from the sofa. just as I had gotten my cloths on, we heard the front door was opened. "Hey hunny, I am home" I stoped my movement and looked at the guys.
The highest one, started to make a grimace and Just as we stood there a lovely lady entered the living room.
She stopped and stared at us.
"Ohhh what have you done" she said. " You had this much fun and did not wait for me.." She smiled and gave him a kiss.

Now sitting at home writing this I am smiling. I already planned to meet this girl on a coffee this week.



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