Out with my girls

Then its time for club night with my girls, it has been a long time since we been out now and I really looking forward to this. As I look through my closet I find the lacquer dress I love. Take it out and give it to cuckold, and tell him to shine it up. I go into the shower and let the water run down to my back and make my hear wet and sticky to my body. I take the soap and washed my body well, before I go out of the shower and dried my body with the towel. 

Cuckold gave me my dress and I took it on, ready for the night club.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
I sit down on a chair, and cuckold fetches my shoes. It is still winter outside, but not much snow. Even if there is much snow outside I still still use my high heels, just too bad the shoes tend to be a bit broken when they are used outside in snow.
Then I was ready to have a girls night out, and I put my legs up on a stool and cuckold fetched me a glass of wine.

About one hour later we sat in the car, and cuckold as the designated driver for the night. As we pulled up in front of the night club, cuckold got the door for us. We went inside and cuckold parked the car around the corner. He stoped the car and got the I-pad, as he was sitting in the car waiting for us to be done for the night. 

Inside the night club there was a lot of people, we looked around and we saw a table full of young sexy guys. We went over, said hello and they asked if we wanted to sit down.

We got some drinks and I was sitting there talking with one of the guys. I started to touch his knees and I whisper in his ear : "I want to have sex with you"
He responded immediately and I took his hand, and headed for the door. "come" I told him, and he followed. Outside the club, we went for the car. My cuckold saw us coming and he went out of the car and opened the door for us. The guy stopped up a bit , looking at my cuckold. I told him not to worry, I just wanted to use him for sex. I started to kiss him and pulled him into the car. 
He was hard and ready when I got the pants of him. Cuckold gave us a condom from the front seat and I took it on with my mouth. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
It was cramped in the back seat, but as horny as we where, we fucked hard and fast. It only took minutes before this guy filled the rubber with cum. I took the rubber of him and gave it to cuckold before we got dressed, and went back in. My plan is to have sex at least one more time... in the toilet, some fingering under the table and who knows where else....



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