Cuckold hopes self play will set him free

I love to edge my cuckold, and that was just what I was doing this morning. As he made me have several orgasm this morning, he started to beg for putting his cock inside me. I begs me to set him free. I continued the tease of my cuckold, as I answer him with an opportunity to interpret me several ways. 

I tell him to crawl on the floor, and fetch me a dildo as he of course do. Then I tell him to take a condom on it, with his mouth and hands on his back. He is eager to please me so he does this task fault free. I pet him on his head, like a dog and tell him to suck the dildo, show me how much he has trained. He starts to take the dildo in his mouth, but I stop him. I take on him a latex mask and once again I tell him to suck.

Cuckold sucks the dildo with pleasure, but not too much sound. I tell him to sound like a sissy, and he starts to moan. I once again correct him. A sissy do not have dark voice, I tell him. 
He switches voice instantaneous and a girly light moan starts to come out of his mouth. I walk over to him, put my foot, with the high heel on his tight. "suck it" I tell him. He really do an effort and I remove my feet from his tight. 

How are your ass doing, I continue asking. He nods his head and tell me good as his mouth is filled with dildo. I smile and tell him to sit down on it, I wanna see him fuck himself. 
He bend his body so I can see his ass, and then I tell him to wait. I want to feel his ass Hole before he puts a dildo in to it. I take some lube on my finger, and make my finger play with his opening. I switch my finger with the black play butt plug.

I press the putt plug inside and make sure there is lube all inside him. I kiss his slave number as I take the but plug back out. I tell him I am ready to see him fuck himself, but he needs to remember to sound like a sissy. That way he will make me horny too, and I love to be horny.

Cuckold sits down on the dildo, and I see the big shaft going into his small hole and widens it out. He makes sounds of pleasure and I feel my self getting horny. I start to play with my own pussy as I look at him, sitting there riding this dildo. The chastity cage makes a metallic sounds as it moves up and down in tact with his movement. 
He mounds higher and higher and I feel my own breath becoming heavier. 
"Can I come Mistress" he asks me. 
I say yes and I sit here looking at him, crawling and moving on the dildo. His voice is light and girly, but not silent.
His cum is running out of his cock inside the chastity cage, and his legs a shivering as his climax is cooling down. I take a whip and point it at his cum mark on the floor. "lick it up" I told him. 

Cuckold sat on all four , taking his tongue on the wet spot. "tell me you like it" I continued saying. 
He used his girly voice and started to tell me how good it tasted and the floor was the perfect plate for him. He moaned as he ate and at the end, I removed his latex mask. Kissed him and told him to get in the shower, he was not finished yet.

It is so much fun to do when I got a sissy, train, fuck, play, humiliate and so much more. The life I have, it is so much fun, hope you enjoy following my adventures, I absolutely love to live them.



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