BBC meeting

I just love the days that starts with a text from bull and I am already horny for that big cock. I planned a meeting and texted my cuckold that he had to be home in time to drive me to the meeting. 

As soon as we met, we started to undress each other quickly. It only took seconds before the cock was in my mouth. The cock was hard and soft at the same time. My tongue played with his frenulum and was making circular movement around his head. I took my mouth away from his cock in a few seconds, spitted on the one in my hand and switched focus. The one in my hand entered my mouth and the one I had been sucking, was played with by my hand.

My blindfolded was removed and one of the bulls lay down in the bed. He still had my hair in his hand I pulled me after him, once again I took his cock in my mouth.
The other bull stood behind me, and his hand played with my butt. I got a slap from his hand and I felt a burning sensation.
His hand wandered around my butt and down to my pussy. My ass was pointing up towards him, and i was just waiting for him to press himself into me. The pressing and widening feeling of the big cock coming in me. His finger started to play with my ass hole, and my cuckold came quickly with the lube syringe. My bulls finger opened my hole, but the syringe in and started to put the lube in my opening. Then he started to move his fingers in and out, then two fingers. I felt his rotating movement, and i knew he made me ready for being fucked in my ass. As I was longing for his cock, he removed his finger and i felt his pulsating cock against my hole.
He grabbed my hip and pressed his cock slowly into my ass. I felt my hole widen and I was pressed open. He slowly moved all his cock inside me, and I started to press my butt against him. 

Bull stood in the bed with me and he moved harder and harder. He hit the g-spot inside me and I wiggled and wanted more. The bull holding me, let out a small laughter, "what a whore you are" he told me. My answer was a long moan and my tongue made him moan as well. My ass was used as bull pleased and I felt the tingling feeling in my feet. Bull pulled even harder in my hair and twisted my head a bit to the side. "look sissy, look at your lovely wife. This is how she needs to be used" He pulled me off the bulls cock, and lay me down  on top of him in the bed. 

He took his wet cock and placed it deep in my pussy as he put two fingers in my mouth, making me taste myself as the other bull got behind me. The cock in the pussy went in and out and I moaned for more, I wanted the double penetration. I begged them as the slut I am. "Please fuck me in both hole, make me scream" I took a few deep breath as I begged for more. Bull pulled me even harder in the hair. "You hear that sissy... She wants to get fucked by real cocks. she deserves it does she not? beg for her and make it good"
Cuckold sat down on his knees, begging bulls to fuck me like no others could. He begged them to give me the biggest orgasm and as he sat there begging, he looked me in the eyes. His eyes was wide open and a flame was lit in the pupils. I felt the hard cock once more opened my ass and pushed him self in as i was looking into cuckolds eyes. 

As the fucked me hard both of them, I felt filled and horny. As the slut I am, I felt my orgasm coming.

I screamed out and as my body shaked, my ass was filled with cum. Cuckold came and did some clean up as I still was fucked in my pussy. He cleaned up with his tongue and he took his fingers on my clit, made circle movement in the same haste as the cock in my pussy. I did not take long before I got one more orgasm and my bull under me, took his cock out of my pussy and filed my cuckold face with cum.

After several orgasm later, cuckolds face was all stiff and full of cum. We laid in bed, holding each others hands and looking in each others eyes. 
My love for this man is endless, and I have no doubt he is mine for life, he just has to share me a bit now and then.
I wish more girls could live the life as a slut like me, it is a fantastic feeling, release all inhibitions. For all you guys out there, make your girl a happy slut, she deserves it, does she not?



  1. what hot naughty slutty hotwife:):):):):) so excited to be there inside you dailyyyyy while your sissy lick my balls until i cum and clean it wellllll


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