A good start for the sissy day

First of all I have to imid it.. yesterdays post was 1 april... but it was sexy to write tho... Hope you all liked it, I had no problem fantasizing about this meeting.
The day today is not the 1 of April, so the plans for my sissy are not a joke today.

When I got a sissy he needs to behave like a sissy too, no slack there. Some days are more "sissy like" than other, and this day is one of those. 
As we woke up today and my cuckold stood up from bed, fetching his boxer, I just told him no. I pointed at the makeup table and his latex outfit. I have put the latex maid outfit on the floor, ready for him to shine it up before he puts it on. So there he stood, naked and with his cloth in his hand. I just laid in bed touching myself, looking at my sissy working, it is a lovely sight.

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
"Don`t be shy... I know you love to kiss yourself in the mirror" I told him as he put the cloth away, and took the maid latex on himself. He started to touch his chest and kissed the mirror, just as I expected from my sissy. 

I told him to put on some make up and a clip on ear piece. The light pink lip stick glowed against me and I smiled. He got up in front of me started to move himself around kissing the air as he was making some smooth movements. I really have to get him a wig... Maybe already this week.
"show me your chastity cage, I wanna make sure it sits proper on you".
He lift up his skirt and the cage sat nice and thigh. "Ok, you are approved for the day.You have been a good girl, taken your time to look your best"
I saw sissy , straiten the back and nodded "Yes Mistress"
"Time to make some breakfast" I continued. 
I asked sissy what to make me and he said "An Omelet Mistress". I approved the food and we went out of the bedroom. 

We went into the kitchen, as I sat down by the table , watching him. 
He fetch some egg and ingredients and started to make the food. When he was almost done, he started to covered the table. A plate for me and cutlery. 
Sissy came towards me with the omelet with cheese, ham and chives. 
I ate the breakfast and when I was full, I took the rest of the egg on the plate, and throw it down on the floor. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
"Breakfast for you sissy" 
"Thank you Mistress"
"How it taste" I asked
"It taste good Mistress, thank you Mistress" sissy said
"Your welcome sissy, Its my job to look after my sissy after all"
"Thank you for looking after me Mistress"

This has been a good start on the day. I have some more plans for him out the day. I tell you a bit more about whats happening tomorrow, now I need to get the strap on ready.



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