Walk of shame after spontaneous bull meeting part 3

I sat in the car, my thigh was sticky from the cum. My hair was messy and my lipstick was not only on my lip, but all over my cheek.
I still sat in my short transparent dress, my nipple was a darker shade and you could see some bit marks on my neck. 
We stopped at a gas station, my cuckold went outside and opened the door for me and I walked out. 

I put one leg out the door, followed by the other one a few seconds later, but the seconds would have given a nice look inside my dress, with no panties of course.
I slowly walked inside the gas station, and there was a lot of people in there. I stopped inside the door, and people stared at me. I smiled and walked up to the one who was working here. 
He stopped working and his eyes where locked at my nipples as I walked agains him

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I said hello and said I needed some help, he looked at me and where waiting for my question.
I took my hand on my dress, pulled it a bit up, and touched my inner thigh. His eyes followed my fingers and I stroke the cum marks. 
"you see, I need something to take this cum marks of my body with..." I looked at him as his eyes where widen.
I continued to tell him, I needed something to take the cum away from my thigh. The important part is the cum will not be thrown away, but needed to be placed on some food. I told him my cuckold needed it for night snack, and I pointed at my cuckold standing at the car.
The guy looked at me and his faced turned all red, he began to stutter. He stood there not getting one sentence out, so I took a cinnamon buns from the shelf. 
Took my finger, put it in my mouth and made sure it was wet. Then I took the wet finger down to my thigh, pulled it there so the cum got stuck to the finger. I took the finger and put the spit and cum on the cinnamon buns. 
"Thank you" I smiled to him, and went to checkout to pay.

Slowly I walked out og the gas station, all the looks where on me as I sat down in the car. I turned to cuckold inside the car, and held the cinnamon buns up to cuckolds mouth. He took a bit and started the car. I looked down on my thigh, there where still some cum left. My cuckold had still some work to do when we got home.

This started as a slow weekend, self care and no plans. Ended as tiered cum filled Hotwife, just as it should be. 



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