Spontaneous bull meeting part 1

I sat in the sofa, just relaxing while my cuckold pored a glass of wine for me. Just as I sat there, thinking what I would do to cuckold tonight I got a snap from one bull. He was close, had a hotel room nearby. He asked if I had the night of, he wanted some pussy. I bit my lip and said I be ready in 45 minutes, then I walked to the bathroom. My cuckolds “freedom” would be another day. 

I walked out from the house and in to bulls car as cuckold held up the door for me. I sat down in the front seat, spread my legs and put my hand on my pussy.  Bull started the car and backed out the driveway. I opened his pants and started to play with his cock. As we drove I sucked and licked my bull. I played with my clit as I sucked bull, I felt I was sos horny. This is a perfect Saturday, first self care day then at the end sex and orgasm. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com
We got to bulls hotel and we stopped the car and went outside. I walk just in my lingerie, my coat and of course my high heel. 
As we got into the hotel I walked in front of bull, he held one of his arm around me, and the other in back of my coat. He held his arm on my butt, rubbing and massaging it. I laid my head back and draw a deep breath, public is so exiting and l get so turned on. 

As soon as we entered the room, my coat fell to the floor. I helped him get undress and touched his hot body. Bull was all over me, and I let him do as he pleases. “Sit down on your knees slut” he said. I went on my knees, took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. I used my hand to play with the balls, while my mouth slowly walked up and down the cock. 

© HotwifeNo.com
© Hotwifeno.com
I spited on the cock, and the cock was wet and sexy. I let my tongue follow the blood vein up and down and around his head. I put his head in my mouth as I held him there  my tongue rolled around it. I took my other hand on his cock and started to move it while the head was still in my mouth. I rotated my hand as I moved it, let the spit from my mouth run down the shaft.  I tasted the pre cum as my hand and tongue worked together. My other hands was still massaging the balls, but went down to his butt now. I played with his butt hole as his cock still was under my treatment.  I moaned and I felt his body shivers. He got a hold on my hair and squeezed it tight. 
I felt my mouth was filled with cum and I kept my mouth on his cock. Some of the cum run out and down his shaft and some of it I swallowed. 
He took my hair and pulled my head back, looked in my eyes as the cum run out of my mouth. 
“Stand up slut” 
He grabbed both my hands on my back and pushed me in front t of him, and towards the bed. 

And let me tell you ,I love to be a slut. As he continued to play with me I got several orgasm and after a night like this, a “walk of shame” is all worth it. 
Follow tomorrow and I tell you the continuation.




  1. You make me so hard. I want to lock in my penis myself, so you can take control of it. I follow you every day.


  2. wawwwww , can you send me the hotels list nearby you ????


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