Self care day, and tips for the perfect day/gift for your darling

Had a calm day today, every Hotwife need a relax day. A perfect relax and self care day. The things I did today, you can note “behind the ear” for this is just THE perfect gift for you partner on birthdays or just a day you wanna do something special. When you do something special for someone, you mostly will get something special back...

I started the day with one orgasm from fingering myself, took a scrub in the shower. 
To get nice skin dead skin cells need to get away, this way you will also get a nice glow. I used a loofah and corn peeling together, but you can use it separate too. To do this kind of scrub on your partner is perfect. Let your partner stand on the floor, in the shower or lay down on a towel and scrub softly. When skin is wet, be careful for then he/she will not notice the hardness the scrub does to the skin and you can scrub to much, and get sore after. On dry skin you feel the scrub better so it is harder to damage the skin. Shower the peeling nicely off.

Then I got into the bathtub. 

In the bath I had lavender oil, bath foam and around the bathtub I had candles with lavender smell. I turned down the light in the bathroom and put on some calm music. This is the perfect surprise moment too. If your partner is tiered or you just wanna do something special, do this in secrecy, maybe put some flower to the room. Rose leaf in the water is the finishing touch and maybe a glass of wine beside the water.

Then I took a moisture mask on my face, some special eye pads with nutrition and my cuckold sat and massaged my hands. Perfect to do to your dear when she/he are in the water. You do something really special and it is so perfect in this setting. At the same time you can observe your dearest in silent, follow the curves and details on the body with you eyes. 

When the bath was finished, I walked out of the water and got a warm soft towel. My body was wet, moisture and warm after the long bath , and now I got the body cream on. For me it is important that the cream smells good, and I always read the content list on the back. The cream has the most of the ingredients that is first on the list , than second on the next and so on. The last name is the ingredients that this product have the least off Collagen, retinol ( vitamin A), peptides, fruit acids AHA and BHA, antioxidant, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E is the things that NEED to be on the top of this content list. Not all of them on same cream but at least some of them. So if you shall buy you partner a fantastic cream, ask for this ingredients in the shop and the personal should know what products contain this. This list seems Greek for us not knowing all skincare and so on... but just write down the things go to the shop and they will know what you need, if they know their profession.

Well this was a bit dry...I know but I just wanted to share some ideas to make something special for you partner. After a day with this treatment, even I consider to let my cuckold out from chastity or let him have an orgasm... thing what you will get then .

Good luck to you, and I will continue my night with a glass of red wine, a blanket and fire on the fireplace.
Maybe this glass of wine after a relaxing day like this will make the night good for my cuckold. Read my blog tomorrow and find out.




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