Seeking people

This spring and summer we hope for much play and fun. Today I will post a request, we are seeking people.
Please describe as best you can to us. 
Use our mail :

Seeking people for: 
  • BBC - Big Black Cock
  • Couples
  • Girls
  • BWC - Big Whit Cock 
What we are in to:
  • Public play
  • Gang bang
  • Threesome 
  • BDSM sessions
  • Girl on girl
  • Cottage trips
  • Hollydays
  • Other trips like hiking, boat++
  • Party`s public/private
  • Club nights
  • Events publice/private
  • Pictures and movie making

© HotwifeNo
Over all rules
  • Photo and video is our property
  • You need to live or be in Norway or Cap Agda 
  • I never meet alone on first meeting
  • Video chat before meeting 
  • Stick to our appointment, one chance only

You need to be:
  • Fit body
  • Over 20 centimeters cock
  • Over 180 centimeters high 
  • Between 22 and 40
  • BBC Big Black Cock (Will be pick first)
  • Discreet 
  • Honest
  • Clean and fresh
  • Nicely shaved or waxed
  • Dominant
  • Bisexuale is a big +
  • STD free

  • Nice looking 
  • Fit body’s 
  • Total openness 
  • Between 22 and 45
  • Men over 18 cm cock
  • STD free
  • Solid couple
  • No jealousy between you two
  • Discreet
  • Girl  (Bi or experiences with other girls)

Write us some words about you
  • Your fantasy
  • Your limits 
  • What you like in sex
  • What type are you, what kind of dominant and so on
  • When and where can you meet us?
  • What you think about film, pictures?
  • What you look like and info about you.(high, bodytype, cm cock)
  • Pictures of you, full body and cock, do not need face in the start.
Hard limits
  • Wet
  • Scat
  • Cutting
  • Needels
  • Blood
  • Fisting
Hope to hear from you soon, and maybe we will play this spring/summer.



  1. How big dick have you fucked?

    - Lars

  2. 26 centimeters is my biggest inntil now.


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