Night time orgasm

Sunday, free from all work, sun and a dirty mind. Can the day start any better?
I am sitting here, thinking of the week to come. 
This weekend, I would like to have one or two meetings. We are sitting now, trying to see if we can find anything interesting to do. We might have a few options, follow this week and I tell you if we set a plan.

This night I woke up, at about 4 o`clock. I had a dream, a wet and sexy dream, and was so horny. I pushed my cuckold in the side, he was still sleeping. I bent over to his side, kissed his neck. 
"hey darling..." I said. 
He turned around, opened his tiered eyes and looked at me. He saw what I wanted, and he gave me a small smile. He too a sip of the water beside his bed, he was shaking his head a bit. Trying to wake up more, before he took his attention towards me.

His fingers touched my boobs first, then he started to make his way down to my pussy. 

© HotwifeNo
His fingers played with my clit, made circle movement. Took spit on his fingers, so it was all wet down there. I took my legs apart and my cuckold took my hands and held them fast over my head. He kissed and bit my neck as his fingers worked my pussy. 
He put his fingers into my pussy hole and my juice run out, I moaned and I stretched my body.

His fingers moved in and out, fast and steady. Then in middle of the movement, he took two fingers deep inside me. Moved his finger tips on my g spot. 
I throw my head back, pulled my arms and worked on my breathing. 

My feet started to get that tingling feeling and I moaned again. I whispered don not stop in my cuckolds ear and he use his tomb on my clit as his fingers inside me, worked on with my g spot.

The warmth started in my pussy and moved out in my fingers, and legs. As I felt my orgasm rush through my body.

As my body cooled down , I gave my cuckold a kiss. "good night darling" I told him and cuddled up in his arms. He kissed my head and stroke my hair. I noticed he was awake as I started to fall back into sleep. 

My cuckold always sets me up in the middle of the night, daytime or whenever I need him or want sex, orgasm.
As a Hotwife, I am always taken care of and I love it.

Talk to you tomorrow, then I will tell you about my as training tonight.



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