Fuck me hard! Spontaneous bull meeting part 2

The bed was soft against my skin as I lay down. Bull took my arms over my head. “Do not move” he said while he bite and kissed my thigh and moved himself over me. 
His hands played with my boobs and I moaned and pressed my crotch against his mouth. 
“You are a real slut , aren’t you. Wanna feel my big cock press your pussy” 
As he talked he moved his hand on my body, and I showed him I wanted to get used. Finally he got on top of me, and I felt his cock moving around my clit and pussy lips before he started to press it inside me. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I let out a deep breath when I felt him inside, my skin was widen and the press I felt made my feet tingling. He told me to please myself as he fucked me, and I took my hand down to my clit. I moved my fingers in circles over it, and it was warm and wet. 
“Fuck me hard” I manage to press out while I moaned and moved my fingers. His cock set up the paste and move all the way in and out. The hard press, made me loose my breath and I gasped for air. He took a hand on my throat and made me beg for more. 
“Please Bull, give me more”

As I said the words I felt the warmth feeling in my stomach and I lifted my pussy against his cock.
My orgasm run through my body and I screamed out loud. As I shiverd and my pussy juice run out along with the cock. Bull grabbed my hips and turned me around as he held me hard. He took some lube and started to play with my ass, buttered my hole in and made it ready for him. I felt my butthole was opened and his fingers played with me. He slapped my butt, and a red mark appeared along with a tingling feeling. 

He put his cock against my hole and pressed it in, all his full length. As he entered my ass he grabbed my hips again, as he stood still he moved me against his cock. I could feel he hold his past back, he had a small shiver and started to breath heavily. Then he started to moan and he squeezed my skin with his hands and started to move his own body. I felt my own anal orgasm was on its way and as I was filled with cum ,my orgasm once again rushed through my body. As my body started to calm down, Bull put his finger on my clit. Worked it in circling movement and he still had his cock in my ass, and before the anal orgasm was over the clit orgasm started. I scream and crushed the pillow with my hands. I throw my head back and pressed my body agains Bull. 

All finished, we lay there in bed trying to get our breath back. Bulls cum had run out of my ass along with my pussy juice, he told me not to clean it up and he took a pic of my wet pussy, send it to my cuckold and told him to pic me up. 

As cuckold open the door for me to enter the car, Bull bent over to my ear and whispered one last task I should do before we got home. “You should not go home easy slut.. after a filthy night like this a slut need do her “walk of shame”
As he told me what I needed to do, he kissed me and I put my hand on his cock and stroke it a few times before I turned around and sat me into the car. 

Wanna hear my task? Swing by my blog tomorrow and I tell you all about it. 




  1. yessss, so excited to hear all your stories before we meet hot wifey :)


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