Chastity is a sex booster and a power trip

If you think for a minute that putting your man in chastity is the way to avoid sex, you are mistaken. Sex is probably the most powerful drive we have. So anything that will take the sex life to a new level and keep it there, will have a dramatic effect on everything around us. 
In almost every relationship, even the one starting with a bang, sex decreases over time. Wanting more and better sex is not shallow, it is a desire. Better sex makes better relationships. 

Even if a woman have the right to say no in practice, she often feel obligated to return the favor, like a sympathy fuck. One of the first mistake a woman do when she puts her man in chastity, is to give in when he begs. By doing this you loose the benefits chastity devices gives you. You will be worshipped and cared for. You will have a constant horny man who will do anything for you if you keep the chastity on.


There is a lot of different DEVICES and its hard to choose. If you se my link over here, you will se what I am talking about. See the link and send me a message for what device you like for my cuckold to wear. Small is good, smaller is even better.

PIC from web
The online shop Fancy steel is a fantastic shop. The service is great, the devises are best quality. I recommend you all to press the link, go in and see, and I am sure your fantasy is getting a boost in there. 

The denial of sexual activity, like masturbating, makes the man very attentive to his woman. To wear the chastity makes the man very aware of his penis and makes him horny all the time. Despite unable to get an erection, he gets incredibly turned on by the sight, feeling and the physical act of being locked in. He will experience an extremely frustrations, and an extremely thrill of being a slave/sissy to his woman/key holder. To give away the control, is amusing. His thought about sex is highly increased, and so is his focus towards his “key holder “/woman. The key holder is the one in control over the one in chastity.  
Every night is an erotic night, even if the partner/key holder/woman is not in the mood. 

If he gets an orgasm, it will be even greater than the “normal” one. The one who are in chastity never knows when or where. He never know, but he always strive after it. He never gives up, he always trie to please his key holder so much that he gets out or even gets an orgasm. This is an exiting run, and he never know where the finish line is. 

But what will I as a woman get out of the chastity? I am not the one whit the cock. (Well not attached to my body that is). A woman do not get turned on by any key thrown in her direction. It must be that one special key from the special cuckold. In return you get full control over the him, and he becomes the submissive. The thought that she is the only one with the key to the device, preventing him from having erection , having sex or masturbation at all is incredibly alluring and arousing. When a submission is locked in his cage, he will be very attentive towards his key holder, and her happiness is utmost importance. This means a lot of attention and compliments, and yeah...I will be honest, it flatters my ego as a woman.

So why would we choose the chastity life that we have?  Because we love it, I love it. The chastity makes our life so much more, more in every aspect of our life. Are you curious about this lifestyle, send us a note and tell us your thoughts. 



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