Valentines surprise

I had the best idea ever this year for valentines, and I already got help to implement it. I had been talking to one of my bulls, that he should bring a girlfriend with him, and meet us at a restaurant. 

Just as we had planned, my bull and his girlfriend had the table next to us. I placed cuckold with his back to bulls table so he could not see him.
Me and my cuckold ordered some glass of wine. Red to me, white for him. I wanted to wait with food, I knew we soon had to leave anyway.

Just as we got our drinks, bull moved towards us. He stood beside me, and my cuckold noticed him. “Are you man enough for this woman.” Bull asked my cuckold.
“No sir” cuckold said. 
Bull took his chair, and sat beside me. Ordered his girlfriend to watch my cuckold, hold him in a leash. Bull looked at cuckolds wineglass, took a sip of the wine. Then he looked at me, moved closer and kissed me. Cuckold tighten his body, he turned around on his chair, but bulls girlfriend, took him under control. “ Sit” she said. Just like he was a dog. She told my cuckold to take his hand on bulls crouch “Feel this bulls big dick, imagine it presses into your wife`s hot pussy” she whispered in my cuckolds ear. He draw his breath, and his eyes was shiny.

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I heard my cuckolds breath and I looked at him. I smiled and put my hand on top of cuckolds hand. As we both sat with our hands on bulls crouch, bull took my hand.  
We stood up , and started to walk. We had fixed a hotel room, and bull and his girlfriend already had made it ready for us.

Bull got the bindings stocks and put my hand and feet inside them. My butt was pointed up towards the roof. 

Bull went around me, looking at cuckold. Cuckold was sitting on his knees in the other end of the room. The girlfriend was watching him. He sat nice and calm and looked at me, with a choker around his neck. 
the girlfriend put a leash on cuckold and he thanked her. "What are you doing with this sissy you slut...." He did not wait for any answer. Bull found a dildo, and started to use it slowly in my ass. My butthole expanded and I felt an exhausting feeling. I moaned, but I could not move. I was stuck in the device, and it made my so horny. I twisted and pulled in my arms and feet. My butthole took the dildo just as I knew it would, I am an ass slut.
Bull removed the dildo, went over to cuckold. Made him smell it "taste it sissy, it is the closest you will come your hotwife`s ass."
Cuckold opened his mouth, took the dildo in, and closed his mouth. He sucked and licked it, and he showed us he loved to do it. He really did a thorough job, and came with a moan when bull removed the dildo. Bull gave the dildo to his girlfriend, she took it and at the same time she grabbed sissy`s hair.
Bull loosened my hand and feet and put his cock in my mouth. 



I twisted my hands while I sucked his big black dick. He hold my hair, and used his hips to fuck my mouth. His dick was all wet from my mouth and he made himself ready for fucking me. I placed my self over cuckold, who sat on the floor. He started to suck my clit, at the same time as bull entered my ass with his dick. The girlfriend held cuckolds head fast to my clit, making him suck it all the time. Bull hold my hip with one hand and the other hand he had put around my neck. He fucked me hard, as I was pressed against cuckolds eager tongue.
I took a deep breath and felt my legs shaking. "OMG fuck me, I love your cock" I said to bull.
He increased the speed, and the dick went in and out my ass. 


The tingling feeling started in my stomach, my fingers started to clamp. I throw my head back, let out a scream and at the same time Bull started to come. He took his dick out of my ass, and emptied all his cum over cuckolds face. I took my fingers down to bulls cum, twisted the fingers around in his face, making cuckold taste and lick the cum.

The girlfriend gave me a kiss, and said next time she wanted to fuck me. I smiled, I am still a virgin when it comes to girls. 

After bull and his girlfriend had left, I crawled up in cuckolds arms. I just lay there, completely quiet. This has been my best Valentine so far. My cuckold kissed my forehead. "I love you Hotwife" he said. I am one lucky woman.



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