The tattoo is getting me laid

I had a fantastic day today. We had planned a trip, about 30 minutes outside Oslo to get a new shower. The rain shower type, big enough for two at the same time. Perfect to have sex in and to have my cuckold scrub my body and so on.

I dressed up, something I always do when I go someplace. Black tight lacquer pants, white fur, black netting top and high heels of course. 
I put on some make up, and a dark puce lipstick. It is snow and cold outside, but that do not stop a Hotwife like me dressing like a real slut. 


After a few minutes in the car, (I was driving today) I told my cuckold to find my purse. From the purse he should find the black bag, and he did. “Open it and use it darling. You really need the practice” I told him, as he looked at me. Right before we left I had ordered him to get the butt plug in, and train his ass for the ride. He will get a strap-on play when we get home
He took his hand down in the bag and pulled out a dildo, all ready to be used by him. We were now driving on the highway, and he had to do the training in plain sight for other cars. 
No question asked he started the sucking, it was a few car that noticed us. I just love it, I saw cuckold was turning a bit red in the face. I almost feared that some of the people in the cars around us would get whiplash, so fast did they turn around after us.


He made small noises while he was working on his dildo. Just like the sissy he is. Who would like a silent, “dead fish” to fuck..? Not me, I like noise. A bull or sex partner that makes a lot of noise, really gets me horny. If a Bull like me to beg for more...well show me you like to fuck, I show you I like to be used. I will also show you I like my cuckold to be used, he is a big noisy slut. Just as I want him to be. 

We got to the shop, and went inside. As we walked over to the counter, a shop employee came towards us. 
He smiled and started talking. He was black, tall and good looking. (lucky me...) Suddenly he saw my QOS tattoo on my ankle, and my ankle chain with my cuckolds key on. 


His eyes followed my body up to my mouth, then he looked at my cuckold. He sat down in front of me, took the key in is hand.

Stroke one finger over the tattoo, as he look up at me. 
“You are a real one?” He asked. 
“ As real as you can get it” I replayed. I also told him my cuckold was the real thing too. I pulled cuckolds pants out, so the man could see the start of his chastity belt.   
He then asked me if I needed a Bull, and he offered himself at the same time.  He knew what a cuckold couple was, and he also knew about QOS, He had actually been Bull for 2 couples before. I took my hand on his crotch, to feel him. He was not hard, but he still felt big. I asked him strait out, how big cock he had. 25 cm he replied. 
We agreed to meet up at his place tomorrow, I looked at my cuckold and saw stars in his eyes. While I had been planning the night with this dark bull, cuckold had not spoken at all. I had told him to not speak before spoken too, and he had done his task well. Maybe he deserved an orgasm tonight , anal of course. 

This has been my day so far, and as I am sitting her writing this. My cuckold are rinsing his anal, and making the bed. I am gonna fuck him tonight, so hard that he will beg for mercy. But I am a ruthless Mistress, this will be fun.

I tell you all about it tomorrow, and of course I tell you all about my meeting with the big black.



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