Tattooing my cuckolds ass

My Cuckold gave me one of the biggest gift he can give me, he got inked. I have registered him, (as I said in earlier post), so he has gotten his own slave number. On web, under this number it says: "Own by HotwifeNo". It was this number he got tattooed on his butt. 

We entered the tattoo studio, and the tattoo artist met us in the reception.
She smiled and asked what tattoo we wanted. " He is my Cuckold and my slave" I said. Cuckold stood beside me , and you could see the pride in his eyes. I got the picture of the slave registration from my purse. At the same time as I took the paper up, you could see the handcuffs laying down in my purse. I told my cuckold to get in inspection position, that he of course did. I took off his pants, and the chastity came out in daylight. The tattoo artist looked, could not take her eyes away. 
"small this one" I sayid and flicked the cage. " bend over" I continued. 
Cuckold bent forward and I started to show the tattoo artist where i would like the tattoo.
She nodded and I explained I need space around the number, for the tattoo will be bigger in the years to come. I have more ideas to put on my cuckolds butt.

Cuckold took the boxer back on for hygienic reason, and lay down on the bench. The tattoo artist sat down and started to draw the sketch.


I saw the markings started to be black as the tattoo machine went over and over the butt. "Hey, now you can say an unknown girl penetrated you ass" she said smiling. "yehh, that is usually my job" I responded.
I went over to her, looked down at his butt and stroke my fingers across the other butt cheek.  
Into the tattoo room you have blinds in front of the window. I left these open, love like to see his ass out in "public".
"Maybe I have to wait a few days to spank this side". The tattoo artist let out a small laughter. "Well it might be a bit sore these first days, even up to ten days" she said. Then she looked at my cuckold, "you have a strict lady here"
Cuckold looked to the side at her, with a smile  at his face. "I have my mistress. I have all I need, and desire in life" he told her.
She continued with the tattoo, while she sat talking and asking about what a slave number means to us.

Then she was done. 
Cuckold was cleaned up, and got some cream and plastic on his butt.


We said thank you for the tattoo and we went back out. My cuckold made a face as he sat down in the seat of the car. I looked at him, thought of what he had done for me today. Not many people would have gone all the way. I will show the love I feel for him, I will continue to be his Mistress and Hotwife. I will always come back to him, he is my home and life.

The finished butt is a nice sight. For some this is just a number, but for us it is a deep meaning. 
Cant wait for him to get some more tattoos, I love tattoos. I get so turned on by it, the life time proof the he is mine.


Back at home the plastic went off, and I made some small kisses around the tattoo. The spanking had to wait, at least for to night.

Some days are more exiting than others, and today was a good day in an unusually way.



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