Self play with a tied up cuckold

Today I have set up a little play time with myself. I sent a text to my cuckold while he was at work, to get some rubbers when he is on his way home from work.

I fixed the bed, and found some didoes from the closet. I had put a note on the table downstairs to my cuckold: “ take on you this new braw, and get up to our bedroom". I had bought him a white lace braw, so I was exited to see him wear it. The rope was ready to use, and the chair nicely placed in front of the bed.

A few minutes later I heard him in the stairs, he entered the room stopped up and looked at me.
I pointed at a chair, Cuckold sat down. I went towards him with a rope in my hand, as I smiled a devilish smile. I know my cuckold loves to watch me play with myself, and that is my plan tonight.


Cuckold sat all tied up in the chair, and I was lying in the bed. I used my fingers to warm my pussy up, nice and warm. My fingers felt the pussy lips and moved them aside so Cuckold could see me. I let a finger slide in just move in and out slowly, while the other hand lightly stroked over the clit. I moaned and bent my back i
nto the bed, and lifted my butt slightly up in the air. I heard my cuckold draw his breath.
I took the dildo beside me, first I put it in my mouth while I was moaning and touching my pussy.
My pussy was slightly red and my pussy juice was coming out as small drops.
I opened the lips as I put the dildo to the hole, opening it slowly, and then pressed the dildo all the way in. I felt my pussy open up to the dildo, and I used my other hand to show my cuckold the dildos entering. I lifted my legs and ass up in the air, and started to move the dildo in and out. At the same time as my finger found my butt hole, I put the finger inside it. I worked my ass hole at the same time as the dildo widen my pussy, then I took out the dildo. My pussy hole was big and opened, I tunrd towards where cuckold was sitting. I started to press the dildo back in, while my fingers played with my clit again.


I was looking at my cuckold, he sat with his eye wide open. He put his head to the side, to see better. So I opened my legs a bit more, made some more noises, while the dildo worked harder and faster. I bowed my back again backwards and told my cuckold I could make myself scream more than he could make me do. I saw he struggled with sitting still, his ropes was tighten.

I worked myself up, and I felt my orgasm pressed its way out.
My body was shivering, and I let out some small screams.

After a few minutes I looked at my cuckold, and I got up from bed to untied him and kissed him. He tried to hold me but I said no, I wanted to keep him a bit longer like this. A horny, restless cuckold will do anything I tell him too, and who do not want to have him like this?


This power is so amazing.



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