Public train play

I felt a bit exited, today I have planed a public play on a train. I met a bull who asked me for a public play on a train. He takes the train for work every morning and evening. I had said I could meet him on the morning train today.
I am gonna play a stranger pick up there, it is one of his fantasies. what is the point having fantasies if they cant be real og you have the possibility? Well this fantasy will be real.

I sat on the train, half a sleep, scrolling my instagram. My Instagram have the same name as my blog BTW. Similar to other profiler we have other places, HotwifeNo. 

I was pretending I did not notice the guy checking me out. There was few people left on the carriage, and I had the perfect seat for the fantasy. I had dressed up in my "school girl" clothing. A clothing I wear outside the house when I want attention.


I wriggle in my seat, my black skirt is loose and the man across me can se I do not wear panties. I part my legs cautiously, and saw he noticed. I look around to see if I have some space to do what I have in mind. I lean forward, reached up behind my back, bending my arm as far as it goes. I found the clasp of my braw, and unhook it. I pull it off under my sweater and lay it on the seat beside me. The guy starts to stare, not small looks anymore. 

I started to move my hand up my thigh, I hold his eyes locked in mine the hole time. The hand went under my skirt, and I lay my head back on the seat.
The man changed places, and now he sat beside me. He wet his lips with his tongue, and I saw he was looking for a way in. A sign that he can join me for play. I took his hand, and placed it on my tight. 
He started to move it around, a bit up, then down again. Then his hand went up my skirt, and i could feel the warmth from his hand against my cold skin.

I felt he found my pussy, and i let out a deep breath. The train stopped, and a woman stood up a few seats from us. She took her bag and started to move. She did not notice us and the guy started to touch me again. 

I put my finger on my lips, showed the man what kind of woman I am.

This guy was was not white, but not all black either. I do not care at the moment. Now I just eager for the touch. I moan a quiet sound, as his fingers touched my pussy.
I opened my legs a bit more, made room for him.
He started to move faster and I felt the tingling feeling in my legs. I put my hand on his tight and bit my lip. I whispered a quiet " oh yes, do not stop"
He did not stop, he continued and I saw he could not take his eyes from my crouch. I took my skirt, pulled it up so far that his hand become visible. The pants between his legs had grown to a large ball, he was horny. 
I felt his fingers worked up the past, and suddenly, unexpected. He lay his mouth on my pussy, licking it.
This made my crazy and my body started to shake and my orgasm started to build up. II took his hair, hold his head to my pussy. He sucked on my clit, and at that time my orgasm got loose. I lay my head back, moaned. "omg... yes, do not stop" I told him. And he did not. I am one lucky woman, I am made that way that i can have multi orgasm. and as we speak, I got one more orgasm, already before the first one was over. The second orgasm is always harder than the first one. He hold on to the guys hair as the warm tingling feeling rushed trough my body.

The guy took his head up, and looked at me. " thank you" he said, and stood up. He took his hand, lay it on my cheek. Put his finger in my mouth, I tasted myself. Then he walked away.

I sat alone in my seat, as the train stopped at my platform. I stood up, went out. My cuckold was waiting for me with his car. He smiled at me, and put his arms around me.Kissed me on my hair and we started the way home.

And this is how the public play day went today. It was so hot, so amusing. I wanna do this again. Any takers :) ?



  1. Fantastisk blog. Elsker å lese om ditt liv!

  2. What a great naughty minded lady , hope to meet you in the train soon :)

  3. Thanks�� train is only one of the places one can meet


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