Prostate play on cuckold

I put my cuckold on his knees in front of me, wearing nothing. I told him to keep his eyes on the floor and don’t speak before spoken too.
I put on my my sexy red and black shoes and fish hole stockings.


I vent in front of him, putting my foot between his legs. Pushed my shoes into his balls, he moaned. I went to get the gag, and put it on him. I sat down before him, and took his chastity in my hands. I spitted at the lock , a big wet spot. I moved his face backwards, spitted again and cuckold draw his breath heavily. 
I made cuckold look at me, but not in my eyes. I started to remove my clothes. 
My hand slowly unbutton the button in my pants, my hand went inside. You could see the marks of my hand inside the pants. Moving towards my pussy, and then I took it back out. I unbutton one more button, and one more. I fold aside the pants and you could see the top of my pussy. I let the pants down on the floor, pushed it aside.
I once more went around my cuckold, letting my fingers touch his neck as I went around him. When I entered his front again, and went my back to him. I loosen the gag a bit, just so he got his mouth free.
I bowed forward, opened my butt cheeks and made my cuckold taste me. I felt his tongue playing around my my ass hole, and slowly moving between my ass and pussy. I felt the warmth inside me, and the tingling feeling in my legs. I stood back up , and put the gag back on. 

I went behind him, made him lay down on his knees. Face down, ass up. I took the prostate stimulator , and got some lube on it. I put a syringe with lube in his ass, and
Slowly filled some lube inside. I took the prostate stimulator and put it to his ass opening, slowly moving it in


He moaned but the gag stopped him in making more noise. He pressed his butt towards me, begging for more. I took it back out, starting to massaging his balls. The chastity was making a metallic sound but I overheard it, just continuing my massaging. I kissed his butt cheek, just seconds before I slap my bare hand on it. My hand was moving over his butt, stroking his skin as a red mark appeared.
I put in the prostate stimulator again, slowly so I could see his ass open his hole to me. I massaged his ass faster and faster, touching his prostate. He started to moan again and I let him. He started to shiver and I said he could come, but if he chooses to come, he need to eat his own cum. He shivered even more and I saw it started to leak out of the chastity. 

I took off him the gag and told him to clean up. He turned around, and started to lick up the cum on the floor. I watch and made sure the floor was spotless.
When he was done I made him get up, send him to the kitchen to make me something to drink, I had just began the play with him. Follow for the next round with my sissy. You have any suggestions for my sissy, let me know. Funny to hear what you are thinking, and maybe I use your idea. But don’t be shy with the things you write, my sissy is well trained.




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