Need some help

I am sitting here fixing my picture, and making plans for valentines night. Or my plans are ready, but making the last preparations. But first of all, I have some things I need some help with. 
I ask you here on my blog, and hope some of you who read this can help me. Send me some words if you can or know someone who can help me.

1. I wish for my own logo. A nice classic sexy logo with my name Are there someone out there who can and will help me make this for me?

2. I also thinking on a new photo shoot. I am looking for some nice places to take pictures. In nature, old fabrics, war bunkers and so on. Any suggestion on places? 
In Norway first of all, but other countries are welcome too.
Suggestion for shoots: clothing, poses, sissy pic and other things.


Today I am doing a Valentine surprise for my Cuckold. I think, and hope this will be a fantastic night. You can read all about it in tomorrows blog
Now I have to go and get dressed, I need two pairs of different clothing. First one for first part of the evening that cuckold do not know of, and the second clothing for the night. Tonight Cuckold will have a babysitter for the first time. I am so exited. 

Have a nice Valentine all of you out there



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