My first Bukkake party

Cuckold took the last part of the latex dress with the latex shine. I really need more new latex now, but tonight this latex is gonna get cum shower. The black and red latex was tight and shiny, it made me feel sexy. My cuckold also wore latex, I had put on him the latex maid costume.

We have collected 5 bulls tonight, we where not sure how many we should pick. This is something new for us, and I am looking forward to trying it out.
We will not fuck tonight I just want cum, a lot of it all over my face and boobs.  

We have a hotel room, all ready with music and towels. This time I just gonna have the splash of cum on me, next time I wanna try a funnel gag. I am hoping there is a lot of bulls in here or out "there" want to join. The bulls joining tonight do not wanna take photo of them self, so for the one taking contact for joining next Bukkake party. We will be taken more picture/video and maybe one more person to help us take some pictures, my cuckold will have his hands and mouth full .


I sat down at the floor. My latex skirt lay close to my body, following my curves and movement. The bulls was entering a circle around me, both me and my cuckold started to undress our bulls. They were not hard yet, so we started to suck, jerk and touch them. It did not take long time before the cocks grow in sizes. "give it to me" I smiled and looked up at them. I touched the balls, let my tongue move around. All the dicks were clean, newly shaved and tested. I get so horny, can hardly wait for the cum. 
The bull moved in and out from the circle around me. One bull was jerking close to my mouth, I let my tongue touch his penis head. My tongue made small circle movements around the head, both my hands was occupied with other cocks. Bull started to moan and his movement went more slow, he only jerked the tip of the cock. The cock started to shake a bit, and white thick cum came out. The cum landed on my nose, cheek and lips, I felt the warm cum run down my face. At the same time as a new bull entered in to the circle, I took his cock in my moth and he made loud moan. 
I sat with my face under two cocks, put my tongue out of my mouth, waiting for the cum to cover my face.


As more bulls started to close up to give me their cum, they came to me. Jerking and pointed it towards my face. My cuckold was helping and made the bulls that had done their job, clean. he used his tongue, licking up the sperm. Sucking the cock clean. 

One of my bulls grabbed my boobs, "this is to clean" he said, and a new bull came over to him. Those two aimed themself at the area and I felt the warm cum, running down my chest and out to my nipples. 
I took two of the cocks in my mouth at the same time, moving my head from left to right. I lightly shake my head, while my mouth was filled with sperm.

After first round with bukkake, I took on me a latex mask and got a new round with cum on this too. One thing I am sure on, and that is: I am a real cum slut, Cum is so sexy and it makes me so horny. With so much cum tonight, my cuckold will get his favorite food. Cum-dressing. 


A bukkake party like this I want more... but with more bulls... like 15 to 20 Or even more. Let’s hope we find many Bulls to splash me down even more than this.
You one of them? Or maybe you are the girl wanna help me suck them...? I want moro photos, and I need one of me in the middle of all those cocks. That wood be a super hot and sexy pic to have. You readers out there have picture like that? Feel free to send them to our mail, and we can post them on the blog.

After all bulls had left, I sat down in my latex outfit, that still had marks from the cum on it.  Cuckold came and sat beside me. He took me in his arms, this is my safe place. We smiled and now we know... This was fun, tasty and we NEED to do it again soon..

Until next time



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