Love to be watched, as I get fucked by BBC part 2

Bull took his hand around my neck, and pulled me down to him.
While I was occupied with my bull, I felt my arms were stuck behind my back. A light feeling moved up my arms. Wet marks after the kisses followed my arms up to my neck. While I was sucking the huge superior dick, a hand was laid around my throat. Squeezed a bit, I know it was going to be a bit rougher then round 1. I felt it was started to get harder to breathe. My eyes widen and my breath becoming faster. The grip around my neck, was loosened a bit. A hard slap of a hand met my butt, and left a red mark and a burning feeling.
I was placed on my knees on the bed, and got blindfolded. Bull took a grip in my hair, and pull my head a bit back. I got on a mouth gag, the big kind. Bull kissed me down my neck, came to the shoulder. His hand followed down my back and when he come to my butt he started to bite. One bite ,one stroke. I noticed cuckold sat on the floor, ready to get commands from bull or me. Suddenly cuckold left, went to the equipment table and got back quickly.


He delivered the whip to bull, sat down again on his knees by the bed. The whip stroke down my thigh, a shivering feeling went through my body. “Make her pussy ready sissy” Bull said.
Cuckold did as he was told, lay down under me in 69 position. Started to play with my pussy with his tongue, it felt amazing. As he lay there I got a whip stroke over my butt, the burning feeling was replaced by some warm kisses. I moaned and a new stroke whipped over my butt, warm swaying feeling spread out over the buttocks.
While the feeling was wearing off, my hands was pulled back. Bull hold they fast, and at the same time bull in front starting to move faster in my mouth. He started to hold my throats, and gave order to cuckold to take over for me. He puts his cock in sissy’s mouth, as I got a new slap on my butt. At the same time as the whip stroke me, the big black cock entered my warm pussy. Bull lay his hand on my neck again , pulled me towards his mouth. Kissed me deeply, bite my lips, and kissed again. The other bull was setting the pace up.
I felt he grabbed my butt cheeks, while the other one was kissing me as cuckold sucked him.
Bull removed his hand from my butt cheeks and squeezed my breast hard. While I stood and kissed my bull, he started to moan. Suddenly my cuckold had cum all over his face, OMG what a sexy sight. I felt an instant feeling in my stomach, and an orgasm was building up.


A new slap over my butt, and I flow over. Orgasm was rushing through my body, and my legs shivered.
Cuckold bowed over to me and kissed me, the cum changed mouth and I heard him whispered to me “I love you my Hotwife”
I smiled as my warm butt got wet, warm salty cum all over it. My arms was untied, and I took they in front of me I hold fast to the bed as my cuckold went behind me. Licked up all the cum, and kissed the red stripes on my butt I told him.....

I had almost forgot the visit we had, until the girl came over to me.”wow” she said.

The two bulls sat down on the sofa and cuckold went to get some cold drinks for us. He kissed my shoes, my legs and then he lay his head in my lap.
While we sat like this the other girl, was talking with my bulls. They were planning a play-night she could join, I smiled and felt so happy and free.
If people could have known what kind of freedom, and love a cuckold couple have to each other. This life would not be taboo, it will be accepted.

This had been a good evening, an exiting night. Time to get to bed, and having the safe arms of my cuckold around me.
Good night to all you out there.



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