Love to be watched, as I get fucked by BBC part 1

We had the best time, at Cat People in Oslo. This is a fetish club, and we was warming up to tonights night here. We where talking with good friend of us from SDC. There was also an other couple there. It was their first time here, and they had not found out the way wider together. We sat all down and my cuckold told them we had to go to meet 2 new BBC at the hotel. Our friend, asked if he could join to see. Ofc he could. Maybe he even can join for play sometime too.
Me and my cuckold went out first, needed to get a shower and get dressed. or maybe we can say undressed.

Back at the hotel, I sat in the char all ready with a glass of red wine. My legs were apart, and I was playing with myself just as the first bull entered. This bull was a bi-bull and I told my cuckold to play a bit, while I was getting turned on by it. 


Cuckold sat on his knees, took off my bulls pants. Stroke his cock with his tongue, and took bulls cock in the mouth. Starting to suck it, took the big dick deep in his throat. Bull grabbed his hair, My sissy moans and keep going. I am getting horny as bull fuck my sissy in the mouth. Bull tell sissy he needs to do a better job than this. Sissy starting to use his hands too, holding and stroking bulls balls. Taking the huge dick deeply in and out while he make some horny sounds. "Enough" he says. "I need the real thing" Bull turns around, go over to me and put his dick in my mouth. I grab it with both hands, and moth at the same time. Looking up at bull while his cock enter deep in my mouth. Cuckold got order to sit down and make my pussy wet and ready.
I moaned highly and just as we sat like that the second bull entered the room. He got undressed, and cuckold got his hand busy making him ready for fucking.
We still have contact with these two bulls. and they can be recommended if anyone needs someone serious to be the bull.

We 3 entered the bedroom, while cuckold was answering the phone. It was our friends who is entering the hotel, and was on their way up.

Back in bed I was so horny, my pussy was burning. The first bull a young black boy, went down between my legs while I was sucking the other BBC. His tongue was playing around with my clit, as I felt his finger going inside my pussy and my ass. They played with my g-spot and I raised my back up in the air."Fuck me hard" I said. I needed a cock now. "you get the fucked soon slut" 


One of the bulls lay down on his back , took me on top of him, and at the same time the other bull came behind me. They entered my holes at the same time. I felt the double penetration stretch my muscles, I got filled up. That is the best feeling in the world, just to feeling of being used as the slut I am. 
Our friends who was sitting in the couch, come in to the bedroom. I love when people watch me having sex. I got more turned on by it, and I let out small screams. They turned me around and put me in train, I felt I was close to an orgasm. My legs was shivering and my breathing increased. Bull grabbed my hair, made his dick enter even further down my throat. I felt the bull was coming, my mouth was filled with cum. Our guest moaned, and had stars in their eyes. I could see she wanted to taste my bbc bulls. I saw here horny eyes, while my orgasm rushed through my body. Making me even more sure I need to play with a girl soon. I screamed out my pleasure, my orgasm made my body warm. It felt like I was climbing on a mountain, and I fell outside when I got to the top. My hands grabbed the sheet and I pulled it up. My body was on fire, and when my bull was orgasm in my pussy. I came to my climax once more. Cuckold came to me, hold my hand and kissed my cum filled mouth.
Bull got in line and cuckold made them clean with his mouth. The bull needed something to drink, and they where ready for new round whit me. My cuckold served me and my bull ice cold drinks and sat on his knees beside my feet´s.


Round 2 will come tomorrow, it is even more kinky and slutty...



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