How to find a Hotwife

For many people my lifestyle is a fantasy, I get many mails and questions about it all the time. One in specific is: How can I find a Hotwife? I would like to find a girl/woman who will threat me as her sissy/cuckold/slave... and so on...


Well it is not easy for me to tell you where to find them, but I recommend to think outside the box. If I use myself as an example: In my early relationships, I was A4 on the outside. But on the inside, I had so many cravings and many hidden fantasies. When I came in contact with my cuckold, he had experience and I was inexperienced. We found etch other on web, and I think there is a good place to start. If you are afraid your name will go public with the info, and desire you will ask of this woman you are talking with. Make a fake name, but true photos. 
Important you WILL be rejected, some may laugh off you, some will say it is not for me sorry. But you only need one girl with all those dark/kinky thoughts. She will maybe at start, make a little scene ....omg what?? Are you kidding?? And so on... Give here start with her benefits. What she will get out of this..Wait a bit with strap-on, chastity, sissy and so on. Tell about the sex, the freedoms, the trust, the open communication, the no jealousy part. Tell what she is free to do, what you expect from her, and what she can expect from you. Be honest and take time to tell her facts, not salacious comments. It is only the “old” in game who can fall for that thing, if they in fact do that. 

In this lifestyle there is many boys who act like a girl on web. They have a fantasy ,dream, wish for something they do not have. I must admit, I am sometime unsure if I talk to a woman or a man. 
If you are a girl on web you get a whole other conversation, then if you are a man. That’s why me and my cuckold often or mostly are together on web. We both write, read and answer. It makes us as a couple more unanimous. 


Back to finding a partner...
1:First of all, know what you are seeking. (You may not have it all, at the start. Begin slow, and work together for the paths you take.)
2:Do not fear rejection. Do not take it personal, this life is not for all.
3: Be honest. 
4: Give her time.
5: Be aware of the one you talk with. She can give a lot of information, that she do not speak of.
6: I would say the best places is 1:web (ordinary dating site) people tend to be more honest about thoughts when they can write it, instead of talking face to face. 2: clubs/parties, witch front this kind of fantasies/life. like Cat people in Oslo, Cap d`Agde in France and Showboat in Amsterdam. 

There are a lot of girls out there, dreaming of this life. Not only for the sex with other part, but the relationship you are getting. Openness, honesty, respect and understanding. You can tell each other everything. For some women you can start slow. Give here the offer I just wrote. Then after some time, you start telling about your thoughts and wish. Remember honesty is the key here.

Good luck to you all of you who are on the search. 



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